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  1. As the Horse babies begin hitting the 1-year mark en masse, I thought it may be good to bump this and start recommending items for the young toddler!

  2. + 1

    They are amazing and so breathable so it wasn't as concerning with swaddling. So soft too! :smile:
  3. I need recs on toys after the exersaucer... we tore that down since she lost interest in it after she learned how to crawl and pull herself up to standing.

    We currently have the V-tech sit to stand walker, a Piwi Y-Bike that she's too short for.. lol, and a standing activity table. Anyone have any other ideas or toys theyd like to share?

  4. We also have the vtech walker that he's not interested in yet, a standing activity table as well and a bike that he's too short for! Hehehe

    Looking for ideas. For now, I got him a bunch of Melissa and Doug / hape toys. Some say for way older so I have been giving him some only

    He seems interested in his soft cars (Melissa and Doug) as well as his first maze (Melissa and Doug)

    Romeo also no longer wants to be in his walker. That was handy but now he just wants to crawl everywhere

  5. Our boys really liked the crawl around car and still play with it on occassion: It has lots to do and comes in pink too. The only downside is that it takes up lots of space.
  6. This sounds exactly like the toy scenario we had at that age. I noticed at daycare she would (and still does) focus on playing with toys with wheels, as she can hold them and they move while she crawls.
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    Last edited: Jul 11, 2015

    Thanks for the rec~! :tup:

    I almost ordered this off Amazon today, but it turns out my inlaws purchased this for her last Christmas and my dh had put it away in the garage. Good thing I mentioned this purchase off amazon cause I was able to cancel it in time and bring out the Christmas gift that we could actually use now.. lol

    Edit- it's set up and she loves it.. Lol she looks like a drunk driver at times!

  8. Lol pics please!
  9. Hey guys! Any toy recommendations for 9-12months old? Want to get Blakey some new things to play with!
  10. Awesome thread, please keep the suggestions coming!! :tup::tup:
  11. Coming back for 1 to 3 year old toy recommendations. Going to USA soon and planning on bringing back one full suitcase of toys!!

    on a side note, for those who never heard of B toys, they sell them at target (cheap) and are sold super expensive over here