Products that you love and want to share!

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  1. I thought this could be a great pace to share any and all products that you've found helpful along the way.

    I shared the fisher price piano mat in the other thread but I'll link it here too:

    I love this banana teether, it's super soft:

    And this teether:

    This formula dispenser has been GREAT! You pre-measure the powder, and bring water on the go. Mix the two when you're ready to feed.

    I've been using this Munchkin sound machine (has white noise and lullaby music.) It also has a projector that put's images on the wall or ceiling. I don't use that part when it's time for bed but it's fun to put on if I'm changing his diaper, etc.

    Tummy time snail:

    Crib & floor mirror:

    The wubanub! I love this and my son likes to pet it now and he's suckling to sleep. They have all different kinds of animals. We got the monkey and the zebra:

    Merlin's magic sleep suit.This has been a great transition from swaddling. I adore this thing, despite the fact that it's ugly and annoying to burp in. It's magic.
  2. This is a great idea! Here is my list of newborn essentials (i.e., the gifts that I give when I go to a baby shower now). It saddens me that looking down this list my boys no longer use these things at 6 months old, but they were invaluable to us when they were newborns.

    Fisher Price Rock N Play with vibration. If they wouldn't fall asleep in their cribs, these would do the trick every time. I've also read that they are wonderful for babies with colic.

    Halo or Summer Infant swaddle sleep sack. We liked both of these brands. They really helped our boys to sleep when they were teeny tiny and they were the only kinds of swaddles that they had trouble breaking free of (although they would get their arms out eventually). They got out of every other brand in minutes.


    Cloud b Sleep Sheep. Our boys loved the white noise. It really helped them to differentiate between daytime naps (when we didn't use it) and nighttime sleep (when he did use it), which I think helped them to learn to sleep through the night early on. Plus, it looks really cute attached to your crib!

    AVENT Soothie pacifier. Out of all of the different kinds of pacifiers that we got and were given, our boys liked this brand the best.

    Mustella baby wash. It is more expensive than Johnson & Johnson, but it will make your baby smell soooooo good (until the next time that he spits up)!

    Lush "Feeling Younger" skin tint. This is for the very tired new mommy. Put some on under your eyes and it will brighten that whole area up.

    So, if you ever invite me to a baby shower, those are the gifts that you will receive from me (plus, some sort of clothing item cause I can't resist buying baby clothes).

    Oh, and I will note that we really like the sheets from Aiden & Anais. I didn't think sheets would matter and got 2 different brands. Well, they do matter and here is why...your baby may end up sleeping on his belly so his face will be pressed into the sheets all night long. The other brand we got was rough and made his skin irritated. The Aiden & Anais brand, though, is much softer.

  3. I have that too and love it!! We have it programmed so it goes on a 30 min loop and then will start again if it hears crying. Love it!
  4. Yes, I love these items as well!
  5. I had no idea it did that. lol
  6. I second the rock and play with vibrations and the mustela products, I like the foam shampoo and body wash, the lotion for after baths, and the cloths to use in between baths!

    I love the California baby calendula cream, Eloise gets dry skin on her head so I used a soft bristle brush to brush it off and then put this on and it stays clear for 3-4 days :smile:

    I also have been using these dry wipes like crazy! They had then I. The hospital and I loved them so I bought some for home, they are so soft for wiping spit up off their face or leaked milk when they are feeding:

    If you have twins, and bottle feed this is a total lifesaver for me because I can feed both of them at the same time if I need to. And they like to lounge in it too:

    The Kiinde system has really worked for me. Since I am exclusively pumping I use the bags to store milk and can write the date/time on the cap. And the warmer is really easy and quick and does a great job warming evenly. I don't always use the bottle attachment, since they like a softer nipple, but the bags and warmer have been great:

    And I love these carters kimono shirts for bedtime. I read that a consistent night outfit helps them know it's time for sleep, I like these because they are easy to get on and off without going over the head, so if they spit up during their dream feed I can change them without really waking them. And I go sans pants for easy diaper changes (well "easy" pre harness :sad: )
  7. I agree...the rock n play with vibrations is awesome! That was the only thing TJ would sleep in for the first few months before moving into a crib.

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  8. I'm sure I'll be leaving stuff out, but here's my list:

    Baby Brezza Formula Pro. For those using formula to supplement or exclusively, and who live on multiple floors, it's a life saver. It's expensive, but it's great for night time feedings. Takes less than 30 seconds to make a bottle and all you have to do is push a button.

    4moms Mamaroo (Plush). Another expensive item but it's been really great to have.

    Newborn Boppy. We just set ours on the couch and he has a place to sit/lay/sleep while we're in the living room.

    Summer Infant SwaddleMe. They're so easy to put on and Hudson sleeps in one for every nap in his crib and overnight. These are great, especially when they still do the jerking reflex, because they don't move all over the place when they're trying to fall asleep.

    Rockabye Baby music. We use this on an old iPhone in his room. We put it on while we do our bedtime routine, through the bottle, then turn the sound app on after.

    I second the calendula cream. You only need a tiny bit and it works really well.
  9. I totally thought about getting this but ruled it out since it is pretty expensive. I bet it makes feeding them at the same time a lot easier! I'm jealous!
  10. This list is perfect!! I'll be buying the majority of items at the end of this month. Thanks Mamas~!
  11. Adding this to my list!
  12. We have the baby bullet. Can't wait to use it!