Products for cleaning leather?

  1. Hello!

    I have a gorgeous soft leather bag but it gets dirty very quickly and some damage has already been done.

    I've suggested UK users post as some products which are in the US may not be available here.. so I'm wondering whether anyone has any ideas how to go about this.. I dont want to spend too much on a product..

    I have a further question also which is open to everyone as i'm very keen to understand this kind of leather. Have you had any bags like this? How did you clean it? Oh and whenever im out and it's raining it gets dark very quickly and I was wondering if theres anything which could prevent this.. of course the water dries quickly but I hate being out and my orange bag turning to a tan cause of the rain XD

    I've attached some photos of the problem areas. Any idea such as home remedies are extremley appreciated! :shame:


    1 - Pic of the whole bag :biggrin: ( so you get the idea)
    2 - Close up on some damage to the strap, looks like corrosion or something but I haven't done anytihng damaging to it..:confused1:

    3 - Similar damage to 2 again, this is at the bottom of the bag.
    4 - Dirty mark at the top of the bag.
    5 - This is the best pic similar to 2 and 4's damage. Looks like dye is coming off but i'm not too sure.

    I hope some of you can help me :biggrin:
    DSC02321.JPG DSC02322.JPG DSC02325.JPG DSC02326.JPG DSC02327.JPG
  2. you can buy some leather cleaner at wilson's leather or at payless. coach has some and even nine west
  3. I suggested UK users posted ideas for products.. ._.

    I dont live in the US
  4. Anyone?

    I'm sure people who have viewed this thread must have a bag of a similar leather :<
  5. I don't live in the UK, but being obsessed with leather care, here are some of my suggestions :smile:

    Ask at department or other higher end stores and see who/what they recommend for bag care and repair. My theory is, if they trust someone with an expensive bag, that person's probably good at what they do. The damage to your bag in pics 2 and 3 is a little unclear on my screen, but in other pics, it looks like your bag has been scuffed from normal wear and tear. At this point, perhaps consider taking it to a leather professional (again, ask for recs) and see what they can do about cleaning/repairing it.

    Once it's back to the best condition possible, I suggest treating it with a waterproofing spray (I use Shining Monkey and Apple products, but ask the repair place for their suggestions) and also regularly condition your bag to keep the leather pliable and prevent cracking. I don't know how cost prohibitive shipping is to the UK, but several sites that sell the products often recommended on TPF do offer international shipping.