Products and Salons in Japan

  1. Anyone here at PF live or travel in Japan regularly? My new job requires me to travel to Japan for extended periods, but as I haven't been over there yet I have no idea what products are available or which stores to try?

    I could always stock up on duty free while at the airport...but I would also like to get stuck in and try some local products, or take some back home as gifts.

    Any help/tips would be great. :yes:
  2. what kind of products are you talking about?
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I was just asking about everyday products in general, such as shampoos, conditioners, bodywashes etc. I have used Shiseido skincare and cosmetics in the past (and I love their "Body Creator" lotion, which is just amazing! Everyone should try it!), and have also tried a couple of the Kanebo cosmetic ranges (I think the eyeshadow's in the Kate range are gorgeous.)

    But aside from cosmetics, I know that stores like Lush and The Body Shop are worldwide and I use both of these stores regularly, but could you recommend any other shops along these lines? Or even any type of deparment store that I should look out for that sell a range of products, both local and worldwide brands? Also, is there a quality pharmacy-type store that you would recommend?

    Sorry to ask so many generalised questions!! Also, if anyone else has any opinions I would be greatful to hear them...
  4. There is this mascara called Fiberwig by dejavu and it's supposedly really great in Japan.