Product Update!!! Signature fabric cleaner, Jewely etc!!

  1. Sooo I got a fun new update to spill! In october we will be releasing a Coach Fabric Cleaner!!!! This is only good for the classic, mini and 24 cm signature (basically the normal signature) on handbags and shoes (all of you girls with white sig. bags are probably jumping right now). HOWEVER it is not suggested for scribble, hamptons weekend and a few other materials. This product is only 10$ & the example they showed us was a lilac signature with ketchup on it and it seriously looked brand new.

    There is also Jewelry coming out again! This means bangles (cuteeee!), earrings, necklaces and bracelets! I'm sure you guys remember the old jewelry but we have new designers and they are soooo cute! I forget the expected release but it'll probably be mid-end october :smile:

    Any questionssss?
  2. What are the jewelry like?!
  3. Oh man! They're soooo cute, they are probably stainless steel but I didn't have time to read into it (only look at pictures). I think they were 98$ but I can check tomorrow before you call! There are some legacy striped ones (like little metal squares in colors like the legacy stripe) and signature ones. They are seriously the cutest things ever and I want all of them!

    I will see whats available tomorrow!
  4. That's awesome, especially if it works as well as you say!
  5. I heard about the jewelry coming and was so excited. When will we see it?
  6. I think it will be out end of october :smile:
  7. Can we use it on the optic fabrics? I have a white optic purse that needs cleaned bad!
  8. I think you can but I just put what I remember, when the product comes out i'm sure i'll know much much more.
  9. That sounds adorable!! Is it in the store binder? Or not yet?
  10. It's in the store key fob "binder" thingy, if you ask for the book of keyfobs and such it'll be in there!
  11. Oh yay, I can wear the jewelery (I'm really allergic to nickel, but I can wear stainless steel)!!! Oh wow, my birthday wishlist is going to get sooooo out of hand with all of this great stuff that Coach is putting out!!

    And yes, I need the signature cleaner, mine and my mom's signature bags don't look that great. I wish it could be used on scribble, I got a scribble hobo off of Livejournal and even though I cleaned it with a baby wipe, it still needs some major cleaning.
  12. I've never really had a problem w/ my signature bags, I tend to be careful with all of them if it rubs up against something & gets alittle dirt on it a baby wipe usually does the trick. It's good to know they are finally bringing out a cleaner for the fabric it must work really well for it to take out ketchup.

    The jewelry sounds great!! Are the bangles stainless steel or what?? That might be a bit heavy if they are chunky. I love the LV ones so maybe Coachs will have a really pretty design.
  13. Hooray for signature fabric cleaner! I will buy a bottle just in case I ever need it (knock wood, no accidents yet).
  14. YAY fabric cleaner!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for sharing the great news!!
  15. THANK GOODNESS!!! On one of my sig. bags, I spilled a little bit of bbq sauce on it a few weeks ago.:Push: :crybaby: I will definitely be needing a bottle of that stuff...great price,too! Also, I can't wait to see the jewelry!!!! Thanks for the info!