Product to Remove Blackheads

  1. I have found the best new product, Joey blackhead dissolver. I have pretty good skin but tend to get tiny blackheads on my nose that are impossible to remove even with facials. This product worked wonders. You put the gel on for about a minute (thin layer) then rub it in a circular motion, the gel adheres to the blackheads and when you rub it, it peels off removing the blackheads. It can be used anywhere on your face, I usually just do my t-zone. I bought it on QVC, but I'm sure its available elsewhere, given how little you use the tube should last awhile and I don't think you'd have to do it too often. Would think it would take some time for them to build back up.
  2. LOL you are on a QVC kick. I tried that stuff years ago. You have to roll it off after it dries, right? I don't get a lot of blackheads, that's probably why I wasn't blown away by it. You can also get it at Sephora.
  3. who makes this product??
    i couldnt find it on sephora
  4. Yes Hubbabubba, that's right. I should have stock in fact I used to.

    OOOH. I may get another for 25% off. I don't have a lot either but they are so stubborn, and I could just not find a way to remove them.
  5. I love the La Prairie blemish control for $79.
    Of Kiehl's herbal Blue treatment is great for $14.
    They can bolth be found at Neimans Marcus or Saks.
  6. OOH! Thanks for the tips!
  7. Sounds like a great product! I use Avon's blackhead remover mask sometimes but it doesn't do much, really. So I tend to pick them out myself after a hot shower or steaming my face.
  8. I'm going to give it a try :biggrin:
  9. I bought this after reading this thread!!! I used it the morning I was going to see my plastic surgeon. I LOVED the results. Thank you for posting.
  10. Thanks! I also have a couple of blackheads on my nose that are impossible to remove.
    I'm going to look for Joey NY, but I don't know if I can find it in the Netherlands.
  11. what if you have really stubborn blackheads?
  12. ooh!! thanks for the post and for the coupon code! i'm going to try it, my black heads are becoming outrageous!
  13. FYI they have free shipping over 40 dollars!
  14. Oooh I am going to have to try this!

    I think you can buy it on the VS website as well in their beauty products section??