Product Review Thread

  1. Hey all... I thought it would be fun if we had a product review thread. Here we can review any product we own in an unbiased way and this thread can be a resource for anyone wondering about new products or good products to buy. Review any product you want--- face cream, face wash, nail polish, make-up, etc. I sometimes get tired of reading magazine reviews of items and then finding out that the product just doesn't work for me. I was thinking that each reviewer should include a little about their skin type/hair type/whatever is applicable to how a product will look/work for each person. Also- if anyone wants to read a review of a particular product, ask here! :yes: Let's go!!
  2. I'll start with the Laura Mercier Bronzing Book in Bronzed. This make-up kit has 3 illuminators, two eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, and 2 bronzers. Overall, I like this kit and give it an 8 out of 10. The bronzers (one matte and one shimmery) work well on my very fair skin, but they might not show up well on someone with darker skin. The eyeshadows are great, versatile colors, but the lighter shade takes a few layers before you really see the color. The lip colors are very pretty and relatively long-lasting- not too saturated though, which is good for me, but again, may not be good for someone with darker skin or someone who loves bold lip color. The illuminators are fabulous! They are my favorite part of this kit. The rose color one works nicely as blush, while the two bronze-y shades help to make bronzer look more natural and beautiful! I also have had no problems using any of the make-up on my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Overall, a great little make-up kit with a nice sized mirror also.
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