Product Recommendations!

  1. What products do you looove and wanna recommend to others?

    I love Shiseido's Mascara Base
    Put it under your mascara and it gives the look of false eyelashes! Plus it keeps your mascara intact and ungoopy.
    My favorite, it turns junk mascara into beautiful usable mascara!! :wlae:

    The Makeup Mascara Base
    A clear base coat for eyelashes that improves mascara application and wear, as it boosts volume and curl. Adds dramatic definition to the eyes. Contains Multi-Nutrient Factor, an advanced moisturizer. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.

    Size: .25 oz
  2. MAC Fix+ Spray. Sets makeup beautifully, and gets rid of a 'too powdery' face.
    MAC Prep+Prime Lash. Fantastic Primer
    Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray. Makes all makeup you 'set' with it last all day.
    Lancome Pop Cherub eye palette. Soft, glowy colors. Wear alone or over other colors. Gorgeous packaging. Need I say more?
  3. Definately the Makeup Correction Pen by Sephora!
  4. I ABSOLTELY MUST ditto MAC Fix+ Spray. I can't rave enough about that product. I completely understand any skepticism you guys might be having... spending $15 for water in a spray bottle. TRUST ME!! It's much much more than water. It gives me a nice airbrushed look with a glow and sets my makeup. Used with foundation it makes the foundation sort of melt/blend into becoming my skin. The result? Absolutely flawless perfection. I'm no model but I sure feel like one when I use this. :roflmfao::nuts::yahoo::graucho::supacool: Oh, and its very refreshing on top of all that. Some people leave a bottle in the fridge for a revitalizing spritz on hot days. This product is great for ALL ages. Kids, moms, grandmothers! I swear by it!

    I also really like Shimpagne Mineralize skinfinish. I love the effect it gives. But, if you are older or prefer a more "adult-like look" conservative look this product might not be for you. I would recommend this to teens, those in their 20s, or moms that dress particularly trendy.
  5. Terax Crema conditioner. You can use it as a conditioning treatment or just as a regular conditioner and it makes hair so silky.
  6. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Makeup Mousse.
    It melts into your skin and makes it look like you're not wearing makeup at all (supposing that you find the right shade, they've discontinued mine :sad: )

    great thread! I will make sure to try some of these products out now! :flowers:
  7. I love The Body Shop's products. The body butter isn't toooo expensive, and lasts so much longer than other body lotions I've used (meaning it doesn't immediately absorb into my skin and evaporate and I'm left feeling dry in an hour). I also use their face washes and moisturizers, and really like them. I have a bar of their olive soap, and that's nice, too. I don't think I've been disappointed in anything I've used by them (though I think their lip butters are nothing to write home about).

    I also like Mark Hook-Ups (by Avon). They're nice to keep in your purse and use if, say, you went without makeup and then there was a change of plans and you want just a touch of it. I know with my job I can look really scrubby and sometimes end up looking disgusting by the end of my shift, and if I wanted to go somewhere after and didn't have time to go home to shower and get ready, they're nice to have. I carry a stick of concealer and two Hook-Ups, and it takes about two minutes to look presentable.

    On that note: face wipes of some sort. They're great to have on hand for moments like I just described. I have a little purse-pack of Ponds ones that I got at Target for under a dollar.
  8. Tresemme Conditioners! Very good smell!
  9. Lancôme Tonique Confort rehydrating skincare lotion.
    It's a liquidy toning lotion that moisturizes my skin (that has a tendency to be oily in some places, yet dry in others) without making it oily or blackhead prone. It says to apply it with a cotton pad, but I just dash it on my face and it works fine. The bottle is huge and lasts forever :flowers:

    I also like Lancôme bi-facil eyemakeup remover.
  10. I also love Shiseido's Mascara Base. I just started using it and it's amazing. I cried and none of my mascara had come off! Hah.