Product Placement in Teen Novels

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    I don't know if product placement in a book aimed at young girls is appropriate.
    Part of me says no, because we all are already submerged by commercial messages every day. However, I have to agree that mentioning products etc. does add to the realism of a story, but it is not that necessary.
    Even if the product placement in the books is unobtrusive, it might still be called subliminal advertising; and the last thing we need are teenage girls that are even more obsessed with branded goods than they already are now.
  2. I agree with what you said. I believe the product placement is unnecessary in certain books. I think books like shopaholic or gossip girl I can understand, but just a plain detective book. I think if they do product placement, it should go with the story line.
  3. If I was reading a book that screamed the same brand at me over and over again, even as a teen, I would see right through, find it really annoying, and refuse to read that author again. I think it's goofy even in a movie. (not when they flash by a billboard, but when they go totally overboard, like they do in some sci-fi movies). It distracts from the story line and gets annoying, and then you just get annoyed at the movie. I'd probably feel the same way with the book.

    Anyway, anyone that's putting product placement in a book like that isn't going to be writing high-quality material anyway. Teens can tell the difference between what's well written and not, and tend not to read what's not.
  4. I agree that product placement in some books/shows like Gossip Girl/Sex and The City, etc are essential..but not so much in everyday shows/books.
    On the other hand, if the author/show is mentioning a product we are familiar with, it helps us as the reader/viewer connect more with the characters?