Produce from the Asian market....

  1. Has anyone noticed that the produce at their Asian market is HUGE (and amazing) compared to what you'd get at the normal supermarket? I went to the Korean market the other day with my mom and I seriously wish I'd had a camera with me. They had these scallions that were labeled "giant green onions" and were so big they looked like they may have been leek hybrids (each one was like 18" tall and 1" thick around at the base). The pink grapefruits were seriously as big as my head! They've been a bit big this year, but like a large softball, never over a pound each. Everything was so super fresh, clean and beautiful. Plus the prices were amazing and everything I bought was delicious. I'm so impressed! :tup:

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is the produce imported from different sources and suppliers from mainstream stores? It just got me wondering, because there's such a huge quality difference :shrugs:...
  2. I always thought it was because Asians think it's important for their produce to be fresh so they sell more often and restock more often? :shrugs:And of course, the low prices keep people coming back more often.

    Americans do their grocery shopping for the whole week in one trip.
    My Chinese grandma does her produce shopping every morning. I don't think she's alone on that.
  3. ^ That's a good point. I noticed the produce was a lot nicer in Italy and people there shopped everyday too...
  4. Whenever I visit my Korean aunt (in Korea of course, lol) I love going shopping for groceries - and clothes :p- with her everyday. There's so many delish things to buy at the supermarkets, I always come home with new goodies.
  5. Yes, the Asian markets produce sections are always bigger than the American ones.

    I say stick with the Korean/Japanese grocers because they keep their stores very clean & presentable.

    Try to stay away from the Chinese or Vietnamese grocers b.c they are dirty and in most cases the produce aren't as fresh. lol. ( I can say this because I'm Vietnamese myself and the Chinese/Viet grocery stores are always dirty, messy, overly packed, and unorganized.)

    The Korean & Japanese markets always have a different atmosphere for clean.

    Hope this post doesn't offend anybody. :push:
  6. I *think* a big reason that Asian produce and products are generally cheaper is that the workers are NOT unionized. They don't have the overhead of unions, as well as advertising (think of all those weekly flyers, CEOs, etc.) This really allows the cost-cutting to be passed onto the customer.

    I am Chinese and agree with the above post that Chinese markets are generally filthy. I think Korean groceries are OK, but there was one big market in Koreatown that I frequented that was boycotted for selling rotten food (marinating it then selling it, getting a lot of people sick). So maybe stay away from the marinated stuff (ready to cook beef, pork, kimchi?).

    Although the prices are higher, I try to buy Japanese everything (noodles, soy sauce, fish, etc.)...
  7. Yes, for sure. My mom always buys these giant ass carrots. i hope they're not mutated or anything...It's always fun to look at all the stuff they have, though.
    I agree with Louis Lady...I find China town to be really dirty! I'm almost afraid to go there.
  8. There isn't a chinatown here or anything, but we definitely have some Asian supermarkets. I just can't say if there's a difference between the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, or others. The ones here are generally clean and the produce are usually fresh. I just HATE the smell of fish, makes me totally nauseous though.

    I love the variety of Asian snacks and drinks though! :heart:
  9. I had only ever been in small Chinese markets and they have lots of cool stuff, but nowhere near the selection of this place. It's considered an Asian supermarket, but it's primarily Korean with a lot of Japanese stuff too. I was seriously just amazed by their produce section! I got LOTS of other goodies too-- I had a whole cart full and I think the total was only ~$60. My favorite thing was rice cakes that are pink and white with sugary sesame stuff inside. I had never tried that kind before and they were sooooooooo good :nuts:
  10. the korean market by me has great produce and great prices. im not asian by any means (LOL white as can be and irish) but i shop for fresh meat and produce everyday too. everything tastes so much better that way IMO
  11. And its cost 30% less than those of American markets.
  12. OK.... somehow I cannot post more than an X amount of links...
    (you tube must see)

    BUT people, all you need is to google for any informations or to do a background check for "reality".

    I shop at Asian Market as well but will ask where their produce comes from... yes, I love Korean markets and will buy products from Taiwan, Korea, HK, Japan etc... no problems but CHINESE products that cost that $$$ LESS.... I stay away. My mom, and everyone back home told be to refrain from these products for many reasons... all you need is google for them.

    Things that you wear ON your body may not be as bad as WHAT you could be ingesting internally (Chinese produce)!

    What they have a problem eating (dying from these foods)... they will NOT have a problem to SELL... its all about $$$.

    YEAH... they are CHEAP but WHAT are YOU eating and drinking???
  13. I've been eating it all week and I'm not dead yet :shrugs:

    JK. I'm not that worried, because all produce must be approved by the FDA before being imported into the US. Besides most of this stuff had origin stickers on it and nothing was from China. The strawberries were actually Florida grown :tup:
  14. Yeah, I agree with you that so long its not "Chinese" products, its ok... the produce my market carry is mainly from CA.
    Just beware of the "Chinese" produce and products (and I am sure you can still find them even at a Korean Market... I love Korean market due to my recent obsessions to Korean meat recipes and rice dishes.

    Just some advise from the Chinese ourselves (if a person is good, they will share advices that will not harm others right?), I am not "trying" for anything... this you-tube should say it all.

    "I've been eating it all week and I'm not dead yet"... effect of poisoning sometimes is not immediate, the worse kind is the "slow death" and cancer from some of the 'taints' are no joke either.... just saying; I prefer a quick death (from food poisoning) over a slow one (like a slow progress cancer) anyday.... quick deaths in US COST less than slow ones as well.... plus less burdens on the family members.
  15. I'm Taiwanese and I agree with you on this. However, I still shop at the chinese grocery stores because where I live, its much cheaper than the korean/japanese ones, and their veggies are actually fresher. I do agree that it is dirtier though.