Procrastination = sold out : (

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  1. I procrastinated regarding the Night MAM on LB and now it's gone!! *sigh* Isn't Night a new color? Surely someone else will carry that bag or they will restock, right? Or am I SOL?

    I have also considered the MA. I am 5'9 and not exactly you think it would work? For reference, right now I am carrying a Coach Carly (which I bought a week ago and already I want a new bag...yikes) and it doesn't overwhelm me by any means. I doubt I would ever fill the MA, but that doesn't bother me really.
  2. Night Blue is a fall color, so you won't see anybody adding new stock. Sorry you missed out on the one at LB! Maybe it will get returned...
  3. Someone else hasa night blue but I can't remember where.....argh...
  4. Are you looking for Night (black) or Night Blue (blue/purple)? The Night is a new colour and you should be able to find it elsewhere. The Night Blue is a colour from last fall and might be harder to find.
  5. omg I am upset too. I ordered a gold crackle bottom in night but if I didn't like that I was going to opt for the night MAM with the silver hardware from LB. Silver is much more my color and it looked like such a classic. Now I am bummed, but I'm sure someone else will carry it I hope.

    For someone your height I would definitely suggest trying out the MAB. I am too short so it would look ridiculous on me, but i think the MAB bag size would balance out with your height. Just two cents.

  6. oopps, should have been more specific. I am looking for the black bag called Night...the one without the gold bottom. They had it earlier this morning when I looked and this afternoon it was gone.
  7. I hope you like the gold crackle bottom enough to keep it so you don't have to worry about hunting down the other : ) These bags seem to disappear within a matter of days, don't they?!

    I better make a decision on trying out the MAB before it sells out too. *sigh*
  8. Always a bummer! Procrastination = sold out has happened to me on several occasions. At your height, I think the MAB is definitely a possibility - and I wouldn't get too down yet, I would think there's other places that sell/will be selling the Night MAB or MAM.
  9. I would definitely go for the MAB instead of the MAM since you're 5'9". I'm 5'7" and I have a MAB and it's not overwhelming at all, I think that it's the perfect size for my height. I absolutely love the size and I wouldn't want to go any smaller.
  10. I know what you mean, it happened to me so many times. I take too long to think. Sorry I can't really help but good luck with purchasing your bag!
  11. Oh, you ladies are so tall!! I am so envious!!:crybaby:Anyway, I just got my MAM & MAB a day apart from each other and couldn't be more excited!! While the MAM is perfect for my short height just under 5'4, the MAB doesn't look too bad on me either, as I am more on the meaty side hehe :P it looks a little big when hand carried, but not so much when carried over the shoulder.:tup:
  12. I actually had one of these on pre-order...then cancelled my order the other day.

    I decided I had just gotten sun glasses and needed to curb my spending a little.

    But I am SURE there will be other sites carrying black RM bags or that they will get more. Just keep checking all these sites, I will give you a heads up if I see any. All it means is that Luna has no more right now in their stock, but it doesn't mean they are gone for good everywhere.
  13. awww i'm sorry that you missed it! IMO all of the RM BLACK bags are similar in maybe you could get one from another season? i think the new hardware looks great on the night bag, but maybe you could buy the gold crackle and give it a shot? I bought one and i LOVE it.
  14. NOIR is coming out! If the noir is anything close to Chanel's Noir it should be a very nice black.
  15. Shoot, I know what you mean about the procrastination! I missed out on a Purple MA Hobo, a Saddle MAM, and a Night Blue Nikki while I was twiddling my thumbs trying to make a decision. You have got to jump on these bags when you see them!
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