Processor: "Lindsay You've Been Served" !!

  1. Lindsay Lohan Gets Served in Beverly Hills

    By Ken Lee and Marisa Laudadio

    Lindsay Lohan got a shock when a woman posing an as autograph-seeker instead served her with legal papers on Friday.

    The actress was at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring George Clooney in Beverly Hills, when on her way out, she was met with the usual throng of fans and photographers – including a legal processor who was there to present Lohan with a subpoena.

    "The processor ran up and acted like a fan. She handed her a pen and paper. The pen was a decoy to get her to think she was a fan who wanted an autograph," an observer told PEOPLE on Monday. "When Lindsay took the papers, the processor said loudly, 'You’ve been served.'"

    According to the observer, Lohan dropped the papers and attempted to catch up with the processor who left the scene immediately.

    "Lohan kept saying 'Wait, wait!' and yelling after her, but the processor kept going. She never caught up with her," said the observer.

    Lohan was served with a subpoena to compel the actress to give a deposition in a fraud lawsuit against her mother, Dina Lohan, according to the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Mitchell Chait and Antonio Almeida.

    "Lindsay was served a deposition subpoena because she's a witness in a case in which her mother is a defendant," the attorney, Charles Coate, told PEOPLE.

    Chait and Almeida allege in their lawsuit that Dina signed her daughter to a record deal with them, but did not comply with the contract.

    "The plaintiffs are suing for compensatory and punitive damages for breach of contract fraud and the breach of fiduciary duties," said Coate.

    As for the method used to serve Lohan, Coate said, "I can't comment on the method in which she was served, but we're glad it was finally carried out. We had been trying unsuccessfully to serve Lindsay for some time, as her mother knows."
  2. im losst.... there is acourtcase. and now atht she got the papers she has to appear?
  3. Tricky...she actually looks good in this pic though...
  4. hmm dunno what to say.. she looks good i'm sure
  5. That's an unusual way of serving papers.. is that even allowed legally?
  6. As long as she signs that's legal. The bigger question is, wouldn't she want to help her mother in a law suit and serve for her mom's defense?
  7. ^^ Maybe she's afraid she might incriminate herself and her mother more?

  8. Absolutely legal! I had a boyfriend that was a process server. They can deliver "flowers" , "pizza" and other things if they have them in hand while they are serving the papers.

    It is absolutely legal to catch them when they are approcahing their front door if they have an accurate description via a driver license or a second hand account of a person that is accurate in their description eg neighbors.
    You can even be served in your automobile if you are the person listed on the automobile registry and they have an accurate description too.
    It is absolutely legal to serve them the way that the process server did.
    Thyare are very crafty those process servers!
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  10. Ok, this is kinda dumb but what exactly is the purpose of "serving" papers..i mean, cant they just call you in?
  11. Thanks for clearing that up! :yes:
    I guess this just means they can't deny and say that they never got it!

  12. That's why they have physical descriptions or even better tattoos so they can legitimately tell the court they served the right person. Sometimes people that are served skip their court date and then they have to serve the people all over again.
    But this guy/gal has many legit witnesses so that most likely will not happen (having to re-serve her again).
  13. They probably have!:yes:
    She probably is evading service. See you can't serve a bellman, rental manager, or the celebritie's manager... just the person's legal guardian if under 18. If over 18, you have to get the actual person. Sometimes they just serve the people at work, at last resort their workplace b/c they evade at home service. It really embarassing at work because some states must use a police officer or state trooper to serve their papers. And then having to explain to your co-workers....
  14. hmms... a bit complicated for my simple mind. lol!
  15. If you're not a party to a lawsuit, i.e. the plaintiff or the defendant, you have to be subpoenaed for them to take your deposition (testimony taken under oath, just like if you were in court, in front of a judge). In order to be subpoenaed, you have to "serve" the papers on the person that's to be deposed, in this case--Lindsay Lohan.

    You have to give the papers (deposition subpoena) to the person--you can't just mail them. So hence the process server (person serving the papers) had to get a little creative. You can't just throw the papers at the person. But if I remember correctly in California, an agent of yours can accept service on your behalf. So you can serve someone's housekeeper, guard, etc.