Proceed with caution when Authenticating

  1. Hi this is is my first post to the tpf. I have been visting for a while now and am always impressed by the cohesion you display as an online community.

    I must start my post by reiterating I have the uttermost respect and admiration for this forum. However i do have one bone of contention, that being - the authentic this threads.

    I recently had a listing removed from eBay because it had been reported by another user. I actually though it was removed by LV themselves and had prepared myself to go to battle with the mighty as my bag was authentic and had been purchased from a LV boutique. But it transpired it was another user who had reported it.

    Then to my horror i came onto this forum to have a rant and found someone had placed the link in the authenticate this thread and i guess the rest is history. The oxymoron to this story is that the response to the request to authenticate this was along the lines of looks fine to me ask for reciept.

    The person proceed to ask for a reciept and two concurrent events occured at the same time - first my broadband was down for two days, and then second the reciept was with the ex boyfriend who bought the bag - and i was not about to go asking him for the reciept as i'm selling it. Hence the person became irrate, i finally logged into my eBay account to found at least six questions posing as buyers - fishing for authenticity proof and tiny minions of information. Then the next morning my listing was removed.

    Hence the reason i started this thread was to caution you on having a blithe attitude when deeming bags fake or not. I agree there are some atrocities listed on eBay hich don't even warrant the title of fake they are a different breed of bags. In fact the listing surronding mine where hideous (plastic on handle and green gift card hideous) and this was what i believed if anything would be a driving force to mine. When in fact those went on to be sold.

    But occasionaly the innocent get caught up in this horde mentality of rash decision making. Please be aware of the damage that can be caused when you direct users to report listings. Fortunate for me i was not suspended but innocent users can be suspended for reports such as this.

    Be careful of the advice you give those seeking it. Alot of trust is put into the experinced users of this forum and you really must exercise it with caustion. You have an amazing gift and i would just urge you not to become too relaxed and cynical so give users indicatiors to misinterprate authenticity.

    I have seen a number of times on these boards users damming sellers for the tiniest reasons to question authenicity. I would direct you to consider a few points and rememeber ebay has as many honest sellers as it does dishonest.

    1) Seller does not have reciept - is not an indicator it is a fake. I have two LV bags and a Prada bag which i do not have reciepts for as two were gifts and i lost one.

    2)Feedback scores - we all have to start somewhere. I sold my first LV Speedy with a feedback score of 5. I had been a member for 18 months. Note all sellers are buisness sellers - so if someone decides they want to sell a handbag for personal reasons do not deem then con artists because they don't spend thier lives grazing ebay .
    If you want to use feedback as an indicator look for better tell tale signs then the number.
    (a) private feedback - it generally is private not because of poor feedback but because they have sold a number of what it is they are selling now. Mass selling.
    (b)feedback scores - check the buyer feedback items are they all small value goods like 99c or a few dollars. thisis buying feedback.
    (c)mutual withdrawn - how many havebeen mutual withdrawn.

    3)Dustbags - listen to the sellers story. I have a prada dustbag which is now pink and has oils stains because cosmetics spilt on it in my luggage. If i was to sell the handbag (which is unharmed), i would have to advertise it as no prada dustbag but generic one available. don't be quick to judge.

    4)Questions - i have friends who put listings on Ebay and don't look back until the end to see how much the have sold for and where to send it. Don't always assume a delay response in answering your questions is someone avoiding your authencity questions. However if you see they have posted answer to softer questions and completly disregarded yours then be mad.

    5)Disclaimers - sellers are starting to use disclaimers now, not because they are fake goods but because of IP law. Sometimes listing brand names can be deemed an IP issue, so disclaimers actually protect sellers from VERO complaints, it's not about fooling the buyer if anything it is opening you eyes.

    6)Authentic - the use of the word authentic in a listing is not always the seller trying to convince you it is real. When you list a luxury branded good ebay warning often come on explaining the VERO policy and it actually directs you to edit your listing to include the word Authentic. However when you start seeing Authentic Guarnteed 100% 200%, then worry. But the bog standard addition of the word authentic is more about pleasing ebay.

    7)Low Price starts - i have seen auctions start at ridicolously low selling prices and end up at prices close to and over that in the boutiques. So again do not make sweeping judgements that a low price start is because it is a fake. Low Buy It Now price those are now a bit on shaky ground.

    So in conclusion please do not assume this post is an attack of your work. It is not, it is simply a request to proceed with caution with the authentic process. As for the blatant fakes please continue to go forth and destroy.
  2. Thank you for your post, going slightly off topic but you can get a dupliacte receipt from LV if you feel that not having it will be a problem as it appeared to be in the case mentioned.

    Sadly, due to the level of fakes out there and even sadder how convincing some of them are we have to tread very carefully sometimes you do have to have faith in people and it'll work out ok sometimes you trust people as I have done in the past and you get stung for it, unfortuantely it's better to err on the side of caution and sometimes some innocents (as yourself) will get caught up in the mess
  3. All the points you state are valid, but IMO it's better that some innocent sellers are unlucky than someone buying a fake... There will always be some mistakes made, both on mistaking fakes for real ones and sellers of authentic items as fake sellers as long as there's no 100% fool proof way.

    I wish you luck with your sales though and hope you stay "out of trouble". =)
  4. I think the wonderful tpfers who authenticate won't say something is authentic unless they're 100% sure. Sometimes they say they're not sure and it may be fake. That doesn't mean it's definitely fake and no reason for ppl to go and report the item. Only when they deem it fake should the item be reported. I guess someone reading jumped the gun and reported something that we weren't sure of.

    I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.

    As for the op, you can email ebay and explain. I did that once and my listing was reinstated the next morning.
  5. In this case, we have a LOT of people who just pop in and's best to wait for a senior authenticator (Addy, Lee69, John5 or myself). In many cases, if we're not sure, we'll ask the bidder to wait for a second opinion.
  6. Yeah I completely agree.
  7. That is so true Rebecca- and I have seen those "pop in" people offer up opinions on the item to read on to find out they were incorrect.

    When you have a team of seasoned LV experts authenticating items your chance for an incorrect opinion is greatly reduced.
    I prefer to wait for your opinions.:heart:
  8. I can see why you're annoyed :sad: We always have to be so careful these days. I'll only deem a listing fake if it's so blantently obvious otherwise I'll just suggest what I'm not sure (i.e heatstamp looking off) and wait for the real authenticator to confirm or disprove.

    I hope I haven't caused any trouble by offering my opinion in that thread :sad:
  9. I think if sellers put more effort into their auctions....good closeups, good clear pics, accurate detailed descriptions.....there would be better outcomes on either end. This forum is dedicated to protecting it's members from fakes and scammers, and I see NOTHING wrong with being cautious.
  10. I agree with travelbliss wholeheartedly!!!!! From my observations, the Authenticate "Team" is always cautious in their choice of words and making judgement calls.....because after all, we are asking them for their gracious help! Love'em:heart:
  11. Definitely not!
    I mean the people who have very few posts and when I look at other posts they've made, they're ONLY in authentication thread. So it makes me wonder whether they're the seller or a friend saying that a bag that's fake is really authentic when it's not. KWIM?
  12. Oh! I've actually always wondered if an ebayer would go to that point to try and pass off a fake aswell! :push:
  13. I was sold two fakes on ebay: a burberry and a coach. I was lucky I didn't pay a lot for either and did manage to get my money back. There are a lot of dishonest folks out there and it pains me to read everyday that someone else paid a bundle for a fake bag.
    I really appreciate that there are folks out there who take the time to attempt to authenticate bags via photos on the internet. It's got to be tough. Mistakes get made and we just need to ask those honest sellers to understand. If there were a better system in place...or more honest folks in the world than all thsi wouldn't be necessary.
    I have started saving all the tags receipts etc...from the bags I purchase...just in case I decide to sell them later on...
    its one of those little things I can do to help the situation
  14. also, another thing to keep in mind.....a lot of people might not know their bag is fake, because they might have bought it off ebay as weel, and have now relisted, so it is always good to message them first if it is fake, because I have done this twice and people were orrified and didn't wan't to get introuble and took it off themselves! I think we shouldn't be as harsh in some situations just because some of these people are innoscent themselves, even though they should have had their bag authenticated....ya know, anyways there is my little thing.

    PS. Also you can kinda tell the ones who are trying to trick you and th ones who are just totally cluless.....for example the my ex boyfriend bought me this speech.....classic and abnoxious, probably seen it atleast 1000 times....LOL:cursing:
  15. I have always been appreciative of the purse forum and blog because it always had great information about new bags etc and i have great respect for the "experinced authenticators" and would/will ask for advise on any bag i need help with.

    However as a seller and buyer on ebay i am completely aware of the cons out there and when u become branded as one it is a hard pill to swallow, when u have an authentic bag and made u're listing very clear and stated all points of information.

    I have no problem with telling a potential bidder to avoid or ask more questions, that is sound advice but when someone is adviced "i'm not sure, get picture of x" and that person takes it upon themselves to report the item then there is a serious case of miscommunication.

    You all do good work in here and do not take my post as some sort of attack, it was a pointer to ensure when you are communicating with each other both the advisor and the enquirier are on the right page.

    And on that note i am going to another thread to ask for some advise:graucho: