Procedures to make you look younger

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  1. What are some procedures in Korea that make you look younger? I'm looking to laser fraxel for the skin, but are there any other skin treatments? I hear something about CO2 but I don't know whats the difference between laser fractal and which one is better. Also, are there procedures to make your face slimmer? I'm thinking of doing acculift but also want to reduce my cheekbone area without going through bone cutting etc. Lastly, I'm interested in doing snow white 백옥주사 to whiten my skin.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I recommend mesotherapy. It does a really good job and it's (based on my experience) non-invasive. I don't want to scare you, but to be honest I saw really horrible results of laser fraxel treatments and since then I've been really scared of that procedure.
  3. what about fat grafting? and prp together
    i've done 4times and it's amzing. like a miracle
  4. where did you do this ? ~~~
  5. hydroinjection boo. hands down most divine injection. But use the swiss brand ones it lasts longest 8 months as opposed to cheap ones which dont do anything at all.
  6. am i able to write the name of clinic in here????
    I will send u the pm
  7. your allowed to ^~^/
  8. Yeeees please, where did your fat graft done?:biggrin:

  9. oops it's near gangnam station exit number11, GR
    will that make a sense?
    I just don't feel like mention their name coz if it goes wrong with other people I would be sinner which I don't want that story

    PM me, will let you know
  10. Hi Lizzy, i met a guy who had his second fg (top up) at Girin. He showed me his preop, day 0, 1-8, 3 months etc. Bottom line he looked so much younger with baby smooth skin by day 8 after the first fg (like a fountain of youth) and it lasted 3 months he said. He negotiated 1.6 mill but as they did not save enough fat he had to pay another 500,000 won for his second fg. I saw him fresh from his second fg yesterday, swollen but not freaky. He expects to see final results in 8 days I guess. I booked DA for fg tomorrow before I met him. I am paying more! Guess I need to improve my negotiating skills? One girl managed to get 1.2 million for 2 fgs but I don't know where.
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  11. Another idea is aegyo sal. I met a 45 year old lady at MVP earlier this week who is actually in the MVP magazine under the aegyo sal section. She looked 16! Or you can create aegyo sal with eyeshadow which I tried and wow it works! She has had thread lifting and fg to keep looking young.
  12. If you book DA for facial fg just know they do not put compression bandage on your donor site thighs so prepurchase your own. They give you a prescription to fill instead of packets of medication like other clinics so have someone with you to fill prescriptions. And I did not see Dr Kim in the theatre just during consultation. I saw another male doctor enter just before the female nurse put propofol in my line, so not sure who did my fat graft? This was a bit disconcerting and I never saw Dr Kim in the recovery room either.
  13. Update on facial fat grafting. Had my op on Saturday and saw Dr Kim of DA on Monday who reassured me he did do my fg. Got vitamin deswelling upon request, light treatment offered to my extensively bruised thighs, received compression thigh bandages after asking again and offered a steroid injection. As it was my first time at this procedure to look younger, can I just say it is definitely NOT for the faint hearted. The facial swelling, bruising and distortion from your usual facial appearance is very extreme in the first 48-72 hours and often times I wept regretting this decision. Ensure you have a strong emotional support network to get you through this period. And perhaps only consider if you have a very small face you wish to plump up or look very old and would like to consider this before a facelift.
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  14. Thank you for sharing! :smile: Is there any chance that you share photos here or privately?

    Also, how long does a fat graft approximately last for you?

  15. I have very serious nasolabial folds that add years to my face. Will fg help? I tried fillers which did plump up the lines alittle but didn't really smooth it out. Do not want implants there too.