Procedure on ending an auction early??

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  1. I'm been emailing a buyer about a purse I wanted to buy. I've had it authenticated on the forum already and she told me she was willing to sell it to me early on an agreed price. The problem is there is no buy it now on the auction. I want to purchase the bag through an actual auction so I can cover my tracks should anything go wrong. What is the best procedure in this case? Can they add a "buy it now" on an existing auction?
  2. They can add a BIN if there is a certain amount of time left until the auction ends.
  3. You just go into the auction and place your bid with the amount that you've agree with the seller.Then she will end her auction early to sell to the highest bidder (You).
    I hope this information is helpfull and g:idea:ood luck.
  4. I believe that would only work if the bid was at the agreed upon amount at the time. If the bid is only up to 9.99 then the seller would be selling it for 9.99. Yes, I know the seller could collect more--but them eBay loses and that isn't fair either.

    If there are no bids buyer can just add the BIN amount.

    If there are bids...

    Just have the seller go to end auction early page ( go to help and type this will come up)

    She has to pick a reason..which is item is no long for sale.

    Relist item for BIN amount you agreed upon.
  5. ^she can just adjust the invoice, yes eBay will lose out on final value fee, but so what.
    surely if seller ends auction then relists with a BIN she'll have to pay listing fees again, no?
    i agree with ma-maison. i've done it myself a few times and had no problems
  6. also, it has been known for someone else to snap up the BIN that was specifically for someone

  7. I'm actually a littl annoyed with eBAy right now..but I still don't agree with cheating them. It is because of eBay that the buyer and seller found each other. If all of us did what you are advocating eBay would be out a fair chunk of change. It is not far fetched to imagine that this sort of action could push eBay out of business and then how would I sell my used cake pans to that lady in NB who is so excited to find them?

    As for someon else snapping up the BIN change the title of the auction to only something the buyer will find..such as Auction for Laura.
  8. so its ok for ebay to cheat various honest sellers by taking down their auth auctions for whatever daft reasons( do they get their listing fees back ?) we've been hearing, or suspending people with ridiculous excuses, but not for a seller to get a few $ back once in a while if the situation arises ?
    i say if you can save a few bucks every so often , why not
  9. She can set a BIN if there is enough time in the auction, there is also a feature where she would put you in as the only pre-approved bidder, to prevent someone else snapping it up.
  10. Thanks for all the advice! :smile: The buyer added a BIN option and luckily no one used it and I was able to get the purse!! YAY I'm so excited!!!
  11. congrats april! i'm glad everything worked out!
  12. For the record. When this happens and there are already bids on an auction - so adding a BIN is no longer an option - The seller just needs to cancel the bids on the auction and then they can edit the auction to the appropriate price. Either by adding the BIN or alot of times I will adjust the beginning price to the agreed price and then once the bid is placed - end the listing by selling to the highest bidder. I contacted Ebay for this information as I have had to make accomodations like this in the past. Hope this helps!
  13. If the auction is ended and relisted with a BIN, I think the buyer would have to wait out the 8-10 hours it takes for the item to show up before they could bid or do the bin.
  14. ^^^no because you could just provide the direct link of the auction for the interested buyer :smile: