Procedure for Paypal Refund/Receiving Bag?

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  1. Okay, I posted earlier about a problem I'm having with a buyer and an LV bag I sold her. She either wanted a $200 partial refund or to return the bag. I finally said fine, return the bag, refund of money less shipping. She is "offended" that I want the bag back before I will process a refund.

    So, what is the procedure with Paypal? If a dispute is filed, don't I need to receive the bag back before refunding? I don't want to be out of my bag and the money.
  2. As stated in your other thread, you are asking for nothing but trouble if you give her money back without the bag in hand. I guarantee you 1000%, you will never see the bag again. To do this is foolish beyond compare. If it would make you feel better, contact eBay live help and see what they say. Only a very inexperienced Ebayer would ever refund monies without the merchandise in hand....:sad: Please - I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart. You have her send the bag back to you (shipping costs at her expense) and you will promptly refund her monies as soon as you have it back.
    Don't let her bully you, please. As much as I love eBay, there are jerks and scammers galore and you have to protect yourself. Please.
  3. Oh, I don't plan on sending her any money back until I receive the purse. I told her I would refund the actual purchase price of the purse, less shipping fees. Am I unreasonable in not refunding the total auction price once I receive the purse and it is the same one?
  4. Hmmmm.....well, let me tell you - I have sent stuff back to eBayers and I've had stuff sent back to me - both times, the entire purchase price has been refunded. I actually had a bad experience with one that said AFTER THE FACT, that she'd be taking out a "restocking fee" and I'm like WTF??? She took out like $10 just to pay for fees. Okay, I guess that's fine - and maybe you can just say that you'll take out fees that it cost you to list. It's up to you. She sounds like a nutcase, and I've learned in dealing with people like them, the sooner you get them out of your life, the better. :supacool::hs:
  5. Hmm, okay. I have seen the phrase restocking fee before and I assumed it was to cover paypal/ebay fees, and I had proposed this to her, b/c I really feel that the purse was fine until it was in her hands. I don't have a problem refunding the whole amount as long as I get my same purse back.
  6. I say just refund her the whole amount when you get the bag back and be done with her! She will be more hassel than the few dollars will be worth. Plus, you'll be credited your paypal fee when you refund her and your ebay as well if you send her a mutal agreement to end the transaction. Also, I totally agree to NEVER refund a buyer before you have the bag in hand. Even if she's a nut and threatens neg FB, it's better than being out the money for that bag or her sending you a fake. I definitely don't trust her after she wanted $200 for a defect that you're positive was not there before! Good luck!!!! :smile:
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