Procedure? Charges?

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  1. My apologies in advance if this has been covered somewhere before....My mother has a signature duffle from at least 4 years ago. Its black & the signature is getting very very worn up close to the leather. Its become very thin & almost looks like its getting ready to be a hole. Because its black signature she didn't notice this until recently (shame she didn't see it when it first started happening) & was wondering if it could be fixed? I wasn't sure b/c of the age, the receipt is long gone (I bought it for her) & was wondering if there would be a charge to send , not to mention the charge to fix it? Or is it even worth the trouble? :confused1: Would they just send it back & say sorry-too old? Thanks!
  2. Coach has a lifetime repair policy, but certain things they may not take back/repair if they feel that it is from "normal wear and tear". Since your mom's bag is older, I'm not sure what they'd do, but you should definitely take it into a store and ask the SAs there - I had a shearling tote that went "bald" in a couple of spots and I thought they'd say it was wear and tear, but turns out that they gave me a credit for it!

    You could also call customer service and ask them what they think, but they may still tell you to take it into a store (that happened with the aforementioned tote - called CS first, they said they'd probably take it back, but to take it to a store first).

    If they do say it can be sent in, there's a $20 shipping fee.