Probs With Expandable Flaps??????

  1. I have been wearing my TDF black expandable bag for 3 days now..I freakin LOVE IT!!!...Selena popped over my house today and we both noticed some stitches ARE FRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIKE UNRAVELING ON THE BAG!!:crybaby:
    Its killing me..Im not sending it gonna watch it for now and give my SA a heads up to warn her of possible issues.(over 2300 and its fraying?ARGH!)
    I actually remember a PFer bringing up the fact that the stitching is so big that she worried about this too.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.So if u decide to get this bag..Keep a close eye out..I have like 4 pulls in mine in 3 days..SNIFF..But I honestly love it too much to send it back.:nuts:
  2. You would really keep it like that and not exchange it for another? It's the same reason I returned my Chloe Edith to Saks... those big stitches were going to fray with time and use. I didn't feel like dealing.

    Even if you can afford to buy 10 Expandable Flaps it's just wrong for this to happen after less than a week of owning it. And you have plenty of other bags to play with until a new one is sent!
  3. oh no! well, i wouldnt return it either...........maybe it will be like a brand new car that gets its first "ding", we get really upset at first but gets easier emotionally. I hope your bag will be fine and no more loose threads............i have a feeling all shall be well!
  4. Oooo, I'm supposed to pick up my Expandable on Thursday from Saks! I did notice when I was 'examining' one that some of the threads were ALREADY frayed, just from being on display. Mainly the stitches on the body. I hope this isn't a problem across the board - I wanted this bag to use everyday - it'll be no good if it's too delicate!
  5. Thanks so much for posting this! After seeing the bag at the trunk show I wondered if the stitching (which is fabulous) would be easy to snag. I just ordered this bag today from Saks for Thursday's GC event and now I'm wondering if I should cancel. I LOVE the bag but I don't want something I have to baby or worry about. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. OMG........:shocked: That was me who had that concern. Those stitches, the thread just isn't a tight thread and the stitch itself didn't seem very tight against the bag. I loved the bag, but that thought was keeping me from committing to it.

    Wow.... I'm soooo sorry, I can imagine how attached you are to the bag already.........:sad:
  7. asides from the stitching, does the back of the bag have more rubbing and look more worn since it's against the body/your shirt/your jeans? I saw it in the store and fell in love but I still have to figure out my reissue vs. classic decision...=p
  8. I noticed that the stitching was a little 'loose' too. I was able to wiggle them easily. It would be so much better with a tighter weave.
  9. I have to say it has some scratches in the leather too..its very easy to scuff
  10. scratches? already geez. You have the soft n chain , did that scratch as well? Sorry about your bag.
  11. I agree. That's exactly what I told myself. Tighter stitching like so many other Chanels....:shrugs:
  12. Hi Jill, this is one of the reasons why I passed on this bag yesterday. I was very concerned with the big stitches fraying.
    I still think the top of the flap is going to cave with wear & contents in the bag. It is a beautiful bag but too many concerns for the price tag IMO.
  13. I have to say the soft chains are holding up well...LOL..No probs there
  14. Oh no! I cannot justify paying $2300 on a bag that is gonna fray just after 3 days!!!
  15. Oh NO!!! I love this bag. Say it aint so.