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  1. Hi!!

    I just bought my fiance a CARLY OPTIC SIGNATURE Coach purse. She has had it for 2 weeks now. I didnt want to carry my wallet one day so she put it into her purse. My leather wallet rubbed onto her wallet that matches her purse. I bought the leather cleaner and it didnt really help it. But now there is a black mark right over the coa part of coach on the wallet. She is mad about the marks.. hehe. She is a woman!!

    Here is the link to the wallet.

    So is there really any way to remove the marks? I need all the help I can get!


  2. I would call the Coach Store and ask them for suggestions. Or you can bring it into a store so they can attempt to clean it. I've never used the cleaner but I use moisturizer and buff off any dirt on leather.
  3. someone is in trouble..........

    Yeah... just take it in!
  4. yikessssss!!!!
    on a helpful note, i agree with the coach and see what they can do for you...
    best of luck!
  5. Today was judgement day!!! LOL. Anyways, I took it back to the store and they gave me a brand new wallet. Thanks for the advice.


  6. YAY! Gotta love that Coach CS!

  7. Coach CS rocks! I was able to trade in my carly for a new one when some of the leather transfered unto the fabric!
  8. Yay!!!:yahoo:
  9. Very cool!
  10. I agree with all the other girls that you should bring it in to the store, they might know some better stuff! I know they used to tell me to try woollite(?), but don't take my word for it...I don't want it to hurt the wallet even more.
  11. That's great that they gave you a new wallet!