Problems with Zoe?


Feb 18, 2010
I've been looking at Zoes on the Bay, thinking about getting one. However, last week I saw a woman in Target. She was wearing a Zoe and the straps on the sides were curled up at the ends :-s Has anyone had a problem with this???
Mar 21, 2009
It does curl after a while, I've had a black large leather zoe for a year now and it happened to me. My complaints with zoe are that she is deep and wonderful and carries all my stuff but weighs a ton!! I have wanted to throw that bag in a trash can more than once walking through the mall. So then it gets abused (I set it down while shopping) and my boyfriend yells at me. Last week my mom said she wants my zoe and I gave it to her with the matching wallet and now I am free free free! As much as I'll miss my zoe I won't miss the shoulder pain. The only other problem I've had is that the sealant around the leather that holds the strap on is starting to peel away from the leather.

Overall, although I have had a bad experience with Zoe because of weight obviously that is my fault, it's a great basic bag. It holds a ton (while weighing a ton) but looks great slouched while carried. I would recommend it but warn about the weight.

Many people here on the forum love Zoe and have it in multiple colors.


Jan 29, 2010
New England
I have 2 large ones :black and grey in pattent leather, and medium parchment and gold in egular leather. Absolutely LOVE the bag. I don't find it that heavy, I guess if you compare to legasy, everything is lighter than that leather! Great everyday bag, and I don't have any problems with curling, peeling, but I take a good care of my bags. When I don't use them they are stuffed and in dust bags in the closet.


Jun 23, 2009
I have 2 large ones :black and grey in pattent leather, and medium parchment and gold in regular leather.
A little OT - sorry - but I have a question for bluerose2 - I also recently purchased the parchment Zoe from ebay but haven't used her yet. She is so lovely, but I'm a bit worried about the light color - how has yours held up? Thanks!


Jan 29, 2010
New England
I heard people worrying about white bags and color transfer. I have one parchment carly,one white hampton, (I don't know the name, hobo, shulder bag, has a dog leash thing on it on the front)- it was my everyday bag last summmer. I wore it with everything, jeans, all colors of clothing and it looks like new. I think Zoe is made out of similar leather as carly and hampton, as you can use coach products on it. I haven't used my parchment Zoe that much, but I won't be aftraid of any color transfer with it.
I got a color transfer on my parker leather white wallet, but it was MY OWN FAULT, I put my coach PCE card in the bag, and purple, pink from it rubbed onto a wallet and won't come off. Again, my own fault, normally I never have my bags near ink or chemicals.


Feb 24, 2006
Happy town
hmm no problems with mine i kept the black on black signature in large and platinum in large...their zippers are perfection..i did sell the xl editorial in black the large black leather the large berry and the platinum and khaki just had too many.


Oct 11, 2007
I have 4 Large Zoes, use one or another basically everyday & have had no problems. I don't think they're heavy either :smile:
Dec 1, 2008
I don't have any issues with the heaviness of my zoes, or with curling on the sides. I've had some minor (v. minor) sealant pealage from the side seams of my large berry patent, but I think this happens a lot with Coach patent and only excess sealant appears to come off (so the seams are still thoroughly sealed).

I think your bag's appearance will reflect how you treat it. If you treat it respectfully (note: I don't baby my bags, but do treat them kindly), it will do the same for you!


Aug 17, 2009
Middle of nowhere KY
I have the patent fawn and don't have problems with curling, but notice light color transfer and the bottom which I am contemplating as to how to take out, and I second burb3rrylov3r, there have been time I have wanted to dump the bag because of the weight!


Feb 28, 2008
The side straps curl if you set it down and the surface it's resting on constantly pushes the straps outward instead of inward. If you're careful with checking that (especially when it's being stored), then it probably won't happen.


Sep 20, 2008
Fort Bragg, NC
I haven't had any problems with mine I have the black/black signature that I carried for well over a year and to me it was the lightest bag of all my leather bags and trust me I weighed it down. I have the XL mahogany also but I yet to carry that one.


Dec 6, 2009
Zoe is my first Coach bag and since then my collection has multiplied, lol

I have had NO ISSUES with Zoe. I have a large fabric one and she isn't heavy at all to me - though I am currently carrying Metallic textured Claire & with the chain strap she weighes nothing short of a ton w/ all my goodies inside of her, lol.

Zoe sits comfortably on my shoulder (infact, I would even say she is my most comfortable bag and I have audrey, sabrina, julianne, poppy, claire). I have heard a trick of making sure the dog hook is to the back so that she sits better but I have had no problems w/ her sliding of my shoulder.