Problems with Victorias Secret!

  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but VS is SUCH a pain in the butt! They have polite CS, but in terms of actualyl helping customers, they STINK!!! :tdown:

    I received a $10 off certificate, so I placed an order. I realized when I got my statement that they charged me $14 in taxes (which wasn't included in the total on the confirmation), but whatever... I just let it go...

    When I got my order, everything was fine and they sent me another $10 off cert, so I placed another order, also using a free shipping code. My total at checkout and confirmation was $29. I get my email confirmation and it says $44. They didn't include my certificate or code. So I emailed them and they say they don't know which codes I'm talking about. So I give them the codes and they say "No, you have to use the codes at checkout, BEFORE you place the order." I tell them I did use them at checkout, we start arguing in circles, and it never gets resolved. This is the second time this has happened to me.

    The next day, I get an email that one of my items from that $44 order (a Tarte blush) has been canceled and I've been refunded. I received the order promptly, minus the Tarte blush. But... I noticed on their site that it said that the blush is still in stock, so I re-ordered it along with two other things. A week went by and I never got a confirmation, which is unusual for them. Yesterday, I get the blush they canceled from the no-codes order, with an invoice saying they've recharged me for it (never got the refund) + $8 for shipping :confused1:

    I also got an email confirmation saying that the one I re-ordered is being processed! I tried to cancel it and they said I can't do that since it's about to ship, but I can send it back for a refund (minus return shipping)! If they didn't have such good sales, I wouldn't bother. I'm so frustrated!!!:hysteric:
  2. Victoria's Secret CS is a pain in the behind. I very rarely place orders with them, and then only for underwear. Then I keep a *very* close watch on my credit card.
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you! I've always had good experiences ordering online with them, but this sounds annoying and awful!
  4. I hate their CS as well as their CS for Angels credit card holders. I actually just cancelled my credit card with them for this reason. My credit card was stolen so I called to cancel the card, this was a saturday. I was told that the credit card people DONT WORK ON THE WEEKENDS so they couldnt cancel my credit card until Monday. I was like...but it was stolen?? what if someone is making charges on it? And they made me wait 2 days to cancel the card. Luckily no charges were made but what if they were? I was so mad. Later I found out that there was a way to cancel over the internet but of course no one at CS told me that. A total joke.
  5. And what is the deal with them not returning online orders to their stores? I dont know of ONE other store that does this!
  6. I'll never make another online order from them again. I've had nothing but problems and irritation. Same with bloomingdales, if i can help it.
  7. My worst order with VS was a coat that was around $600.00 and when it arrived there was an open pack of cigarettes in the coat pocket.:yes::wtf: I think I paid around $18.00 for shipping . I called to complain and obviously this was a worn coat so I wanted to return it. They would not refund my original shipping fees or give me back my return shipping costs. That was the end of VS catalog shopping for me.
  8. I always have major issues with VS as well. drives me nuts.
  9. OMG :shocked:
    I would have been sooo mad!

    The only reason I keep ordering from them is that they carry a lot of the beauty brands I like and they have crazy good sales... I love Tarte cheek stains, which cost $28 and rarely go on sale, so when VS had them for $11 I ordered 3 of them. I am just soooo sick of all their bullshiz :mad:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had a problem with them, but at the same time it's like "WTH how do they get away with this?!?!" :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  10. That s*cks!! I hope they straighten out this mess for you.
  11. that's horrible that you guys have had so many problems with them... i order from them online at least 3-4 times a year and i've never had any problems. the only time i had a problem was when they said they were moving to a different warehouse and shipping would be delayed. it was VERY delayed and once i emailed them about it (after about a month of waiting) they shipped it out on next day delivery and then they gave everyone who ordered during that time period a pretty big gift cert to use online.

    but it also irritates me that you can't return things to the store... but i think i've only returned one thing (without a problem) so i guess it doesn't matter much.
  12. I know, I hate this online over the phone buisness!! its like everyday its more appealing to go to the store and get what you want and leave!!

    once I never even got a confirtmation email from them, the thing just arrived at my house a week later, and I really thought they had canceled my order
  13. My first online experience shopping was with Zappos CS. They spoiled me. Victorias Secret seems so awful in comparision.
  14. I stopped going there at least 10-15 years ago. I went in the store to buy some bras. I hate bra shopping because I have a small bust and it's hard to find ones that fit. So when I do finally shop for them, I buy hundreds of dollars worth. I was just getting off work so I wasn't dressed really nice, just jeans and a normal shirt. I have to hunt down a SA to ask about sizes. She kinda blows me off by telling me that if it's not on the rack, they don't have it. Okay, whatever. I shop around a little more and watch her start digging through drawers that are below the displays on the wall for another customer. Hmmmm. Strange, I thought if it wasn't on the display then it didn't exist. Ticked me off and I've never been back.