Problems with vernis?

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  1. Hi all!

    Recently read a thread about how the quality of LV has gone down since the company changed hands. Bit concerned as i want to buy a vernis alma pm and cles. Dont own anything in vernis at the moment and just wanted to know if anyone has had any problems with the quality of any of their vernis pieces.
  2. Completely disagree that quality of LV has/is deteriorating.

    Vernis is very durable. Best to do a search on this since there are so many threads about the durability of Vernis.
  3. Never had any problems with any of my vernis items!
  4. No problems here!
  5. None. :nogood:
  6. I have a vernis 4 key holder that I've been using daily for years and throwing all over the place and it still looks brand new. My vernis zippy is still gorgeous as well (framboise). Vernis is very durable. Just pick a darker color so you don't have color transfer. Sometimes on smaller items, like wallets, the edges on vernis items can become a little blackened, just like they do on epi. That doesn't show up on the darker colors.
  7. There are a lot of threads that speak to the durability of vernis - it's not as delicate as it appears. :yes:
  8. the only bad thing is yellowing on pale colors. I've seen light blue bags turning green and being sold as green on auctioning sites. or white looking beige...
  9. have 5 vernis bags and lots of SLG's and ZERO problems
  10. thanks everyone! x
  11. My first LV was a vernis, and becides the nice patina, it looks brand new!
  12. The company changed hands????
  13. thats what i read in a thread in the FAQ bit.
  14. Yes! Mine from white turning into yellowish in color.Somebody asked me to use eraser to rub it,dare not try...
  15. no probs here