Problems with turnlocks

  1. Hi, guys!! I know there have been ALOT of problems w/ the turnlocks on the legacy bags, but has anyone had ANY kinds of problems or heard of any kinds of problems w/ the turnlocks on the Chelsea bags? I am considering buying a Chelsea hobo, but I am concerned about the turnlock, as it is the only way to open and close the bag ALL the time. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  2. If I recall correctly, only the early Legacy Turnlocks had issues, but not so much with the later versions.
  3. I had a problem with my legacy turnlock but it was an earlier one. I think I read about someone else having problems lately on one of th coach threads...
  4. hey mommyville, nice carly!!! :tup: :roflmfao:
  5. Thanks so much, Fields!!!! I LOVE her!!! :tup:

    Anyone else know anything about the turnlocks w/ the Chelsea line? I really love the Chelsea siggy hobo!!!!! It's soooooooo cute!!!! But that turnlock SCARES me b/c it's the only way IN or OUT of the bag!!!!!
  6. TinksDelite is right, I believe the turnlock problems were only with the early Legacy bags. I have never heard of any problems with Chelsea turnlocks.

    However, if you buy it and something does happen to it, take it back to Coach and they'll either fix it or give you a store credit to buy something else, so you won't be risking much by buying one if you love it. :smile:
  7. I recently had an issue with my signature legacy french framed wallet. I lost one of the screws from the backside of the turnlock. I wasn't able to locate it in my bag and didn't want to send my wallet in for repair just for a screw. The turnlock still works fine, I just tightened up the other one and it's fine.
  8. I bought a large Ergo Hobo (which is going back) a week ago and the turnlock works fine but makes an annoying squeak noise when I turn it. Also, as I'm turning it, it doesn't turn smoothly. It feels rickety(sp?) Its really bothering me. I want to exchange the bag for a completely different bag all together but the other bags I'm considering all have turnlocks. :hrmm: I say, take a chance and hold on to your receipt. IF something happens to it, you can always return or send in for repair as everyone has stated.
  9. I don't have a current chelsea but my older one is fine, as are my other assorted older bags with turnlocks...but agree that the problem was only with some of the early legacy turnlocks (including my legacy leather flap purchased last October but which was replaced no questions asked). No problem with my ergo turnlock which is just a couple of months old.
  10. Yeah it was only the earlier ones. From what I heard, they were trying to save money and they made the turnlocks too cheaply.:rolleyes: With the mark up on these bags, I would expect them to put the best they can on these bags. Luckily their hardware is warrentied! Now it is a lot less likely for any problems to occure, but they can fix it for you.