Problems with Treesje website

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  1. I have a problem viewing the Treesje website, even after I downloaded the software they apparently use, and from two different computers. All I see is the white/grey background and either a part of the main picture, or nothing but the background, and I can't navigate to anywhere else on the site. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it?
  2. ^That's strange. So you get a non functional grey trees in the background? I am not very tech savvy, just know which buttons to push to start the computer and which button to push to buy stuff. Did you download the latest Adobe flash player (mine says it is using version 10 when I click on the site). Sorry, I can't be much help!
  3. Yes, I do get the trees and nothing else or only like quarter of a picture of bags in the middle. I did download Adobe 10, but it hasn't changed it. :confused1:
  4. Shoot, I wish I could tell you some technical mumbo jumbo like "clean out your cache and restart your computer" but I don't think that'd help. Have you looked at other etailers that carry Treesje like lunaboston or aster alice?
  5. Yes, and thankfully all the other websites work fine, as do fashion or bag websites by other brands, This is what I don't understand, it is the only website I am having trouble with, from both my laptop and my Iphone. Very bizarre.
  6. Wow that's too bad. Sorry that is happening to you. If you go to lunaboston's site they have many Treesje bags and items to purchase and many sale Treesje items. Good luck