Problems with the zipper pull?

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  1. I got the reissue, and I noticed that the black paint of the zipper pull inside the flap is a bit chipped off and can be easily chipped if you scratch it, does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure if I should exchange it, any ideas?
  2. If it's new, exchange it. I've never seen paint chip off my zipper pulls...
  3. Well the thing is, its a little bit chipped and not that noticeable unless I look closely. Most times when I exchange things, I find that I end up with another flaw on the other pieces. GRRRR.
  4. ^Then perhaps you should just live with it instead of exchanging... After all, it's inside and no one else sees it but you... :smile: Instead of risking an even more major flaw, yikes!
  5. Do they have your bag in stock? Ask if they have any in back? Maybe you can bring it in, compare, and choose the bag you like best?
  6. Ya I guess I can go take a look again, and I been kind of thinking about the classic flap, haha....I'm so indecisive, I want both but I don't think I'm gonna get another one anytime soon so I better decide before the deadline.