problems with the spy tube

  1. hey I'm having problems with the spy tube staying shut. can I just take this to a purse repair place or do I HAVE to take it back to Fendi (nearest store is FAR away?) my mom said she's going to try and fix it for me tomorrow, though. I want to be able to put stuff in there! I read somewhere about a fendi spy bag that was a bused and they're glued the tube shut. honestly, I can see why!
  2. just take to a shoe just needs to be tightened! same thing happened to mine....
    don't worry!!! :flowers:
  3. Can be tightened by a screwdriver. Check out the back side of the tube.
  4. Thats good to know. I thought I had read in another thread of this happening too. Thanks!
  5. It happened to mine, I took it to a shoe/leather repair place and they fixed it easily. No worries!
  6. thanks for easing my mind on this, y'all. how much will it cost at a shoe repair place? I'm gonna check out this screw y'all are talkin' about right now
  7. I have the same problem with mine, but I'm unable to turn the screw at the's like it's stuck/too tight. And I'm worried that I might have stripped the screw?? What to do? Should I still take it to a shoe repair place?