Problems with the Spring 2012 Rocco's? Please share your story

  1. Just wondering how the leather and piping is hold up on the Spring 2012 Rocco's. Purchased a Rocco directly from Wang and the leather discolored, after minimal use, probably 5 times. Since I only had the bag for 28 days, Wang exchanged it out for a new bag. The second bag, the leather was a mixture of smooth, lines and some pebbled leather. The third bag, looks okay, but I'm afraid to use it because the wearing issue. Please share your experience so we can all be informed of how these Rocco's are performing. I contacted the VP for Wang a week ago. No response. Not a big surprise. AW customer service/relations is not user friendly to those of us who love and buy AW.
  2. I'm so nervous about the leather wearing on my Rocco. I already notice a tiny little patch on leather worn so that it looks "bald" and of a blue color.
  3. Hey meandmarc

    How did your Rocco hold up this time?
    I just bought one and am debating whether I should return it now after all the horror stories I've read online. :x
  4. Had mine for 3 weeks now. Its the 2012 Black and Rose-gold Rocco. Used it daily ever since i brought it, and am happy to report - absolutely no wear. And i am not the kind to baby my bags! HTH
  5. I think I've stated this in a couple of threads on this topic. I've had a black brass since February, carried it non-stop through May. I've had a granite pale gold, used daily including on the beach and in the woods for about a month. No issues whatsoever with either. I treated both with leather honey and vectra upon receipt, and edge kote just last week just in case (both bags show no wear). I also have PS bags, Bals, MJ. Only the MJs have been untreated and shown no signs of wear over ten years or so. I think most bag lines have their issues. That's why this forum is so great. You can educate yourself and prevent as much as possible. But everything one can buy (and use. And why buy a bag or shoes or anything you don't intend to use?) will show signs of wear over time. :smile:

  6. I understand buying a few products to keep expensive bags in the best condition possible is wise and a fine investment... but if I could only get one (maybe two) of those products mentioned above, which one(s) would you say is the most important?
  7. Probably the Vectra. It is a rain/stain guard. None are expensive though (about $10) , and I've treated over ten bags with the Vectra (half twice or more) which is still 80% full, and LH (which is so concentrated I think it will last me a lifetime).
  8. I have 7 Roccos (also Chloe's and Balenciaga) and treated them all with Apple Guard protectant and clear Edge Kote with a light hand. Also, I never set mine down--in other words, I keep it on my arm when paying for items, and have a special drawer at work with a blanket on the bottom, AND have a cashmere throw I keep in the back seat of my car to set my handbags on. Now how's THAT for high maintenance? HA! At least my bags show no sign of wear!
  9. wow - you've inspired me. i'm going to have to get a bit more serious abt bag care.