Problems with the new sneakers?

  1. Yesterday I went to LV (:graucho:more about that later...) and one of the things I really wanted to get were these sneakers:
    310 euro.jpg

    I love the design, they look so young and modern. They didn't had them in store so I could try on the silver ones and they would order the black ones afterwards. When I tried them on they really were not comfortable! They felt like the fit was all wrong and even though they were the right size, they kept slipping of my heel. When I told the SA she admitted they heard the same complaint from almost every customer who tried them on.

    I'm so sad, I still think they are gorgeous but I can't pay that amount for a shoe that doesn't even fit :crybaby:

    I'm very jealous of Claire, she has them and they work well for her...
  2. really? i hate stuff like that, when you are really excited for something and the thing isn't what you hoped it would be!

    maybe you could try again and bring an extra inner sole or a half sole with you, that sometimes helps with the slipping problem (the half sole works the best i think, i work in a shoe store and we sell those when a pump doens't stay on the heel)
    if you want that..i can imagine that you just want nice fitted shoes for that amount of money!!

    what store did you visit? did you see the new multicolor sneakers?
  3. I had also problem when I tried Zephyr sneakers from ss07. I wanted them so bad but part of leather on top was squiching my feet during walking....
  4. Thanks for your advice but I don't think it will help. The SA made it really clear that there's a problem with the model of this sneaker and that they allready reported it.
    I didn't see the sneakers you want, I went to Knokke and they only have a small shoe collection. They did gave me a shoe catalogue, will post pics later.

    The sneakers you want come in damier too with bright green laces for the men. (gorgeous!) The MC ones have white laces and the monogram ones for the women have bright pink laces and pink stitching.
  5. Oh no, I've been think of the gold ones with white leather --- I'd have to order them since no LV with shoes near where I live --- eep Moko didnt' know the Zephyrs did that, they were fab looking too -- I'm wanting a new LV sneaker but haven't had this problem yet. Hope they get this back on track.
  6. I know this sucks! They are absolutely fabulous! I tried on some other models and they obviously didn't have this problem. I just didn't get any other sneakers because I really wanted those :s
  7. thats too bad........they are really cute though
  8. Those look really nice, I'm sorry they didn't work out for you!
  9. I got the silver miroir ones (am I the Claire in the bottom line?) mine are fine although I tried on a strappy pair of heels the same day and had to leave them because the back slipped off all the time

    I still haven't actually worn mine out of the house it's been raining and theres now way I'm taking those babies out in rain
  10. Sorry to hear they didn't work out for you....but at least you found out beforehand, and now you can focus on some of the other newer ones being released for spring !! Or maybe even some pretty new sandals??

  11. Yes, i was talking about you, I hope I got it right. I think you are the only one that got them and posted them here.
  12. Yep that's me
  13. Lol, I got that pic saved on my computer, i was soo in love :crybaby:
  14. LOL I do that too! aww don't worry there are a ton of hot LV shoes, sneakers this season.

    They must be a weird fit because I take a 39 I had to go down to 38.5 I've never gone down a size. The back and sides are very short compared to most
  15. Yes, I had to go down two whole sizes!