Problems with the actual pointed heel slipping

    This is hard to explain but I will try my best. I have these shoes where the bottom of the heel (the actual heel pointy part not the sole) is made of a seemingly plasticy material which doesnt really provide grip instead of rubbery material which sort of grips the ground. It is fine on carpet or cement floors but when walking on shiny surfaces like at target or Nordstroms I have found that the pointy heel sometimes slips inwards if I do not step perfectly each time which causes me to slip. I have actually fallen down at target once. It was quite an embarassment!! My questions are:

    1) I do not know if this is because the heels are new and the problem will go away once I rough up the bottom of the pointy heel a bit or if the problem will persist?

    2) How can I fix this problem?

    3) Will taking it to a shoe shop to add/change the pointy heel bottom to a more rubbery material solve the problem? Will the pry the original bottom off and add a new rubbery one or just place a rubbery layer on top of it? How much does this normall cost to get done?

    Thanks SO MUCH everyone!! :flowers:
  2. OMG!!! I had a pair of boots with the same problem. I was at school one day and class let out and there I go bounding for the door, my foot slipped inwards and BOOM!!!! down I went. Right in front of everyone!! Then it happened again in Target and that time the heel came right off.

    Take them to a cobbler and see if he can attach rubber heel grips or something like that.

    After I fell, I threw them out!! (well the heel broke anyway)
  3. yes, he should know how to fix them!!:Push: :smile: