Problems with shoulder tote?

  1. Hi, I just wanted some verification from the experts. On Friday night I went to buy my large carry all in black signature. I also was looking at the chocolate shoulder tote (b/c I love browns). While I was trying on the shoulder tote, the SA told me her mother bought the same bag and finds that when she places heavy items, such as a water bottle, the bag droops too much. Is that really true?
  2. The shoulder tote does get "slouchy" but I think in a good way. I have two of them and I like the way they do that, but some people may not. If you don't want that look, then the gallery tote (I just bought last night - see other posts) might be better for you. They are more structured and true to shape.
  3. im not sure about the slouchiness.. but thats incredibly nice and loyal of the SA to share her opinions on a tote that you were interested in!! I would think that they just want you to buy the product.. but thats awesome!
  4. I have two shoulder totes, one I bought this summer white and khaki, and one I bought yesterday, THE CHOCOLATE ONE!!!! I love them, my white one held up wonderfully, it didn't ever get slouchy, just got broke in. I recommend it to anyone-that is why I have two!!!
  5. I have one & mine doesn't sag at the bottom w/ all the crap I carry. The sides kinda slouch down but that adds to the bag.
  6. My sateen large tote gets slouchy, if it bothers me, I throw in the pursekette. My patchwork one seems sturdier. They tend to get slouchy when I don't have much in them.
  7. My chocolate shoulder tote is slouchy, but i think it looks great that way - if you want a more structured bag I'd get the gallery tote...