Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. All of her Hermes were fake. It is fortunate she was shut down, people were headed for heartbreak. I am so glad you got your refund.

  2. Hahaha, Im not going anyward near that cheek - not even for a slap!!!:P

  3. She did say to me that since we all assaulted her authentic Hermes (yeah right) she was not going to sell bags anymore and focus on vintage jewellery instead, which were her specialty. I did hear that shes active on Bonanzle though, but havent seen any of her listings, shes listein as the same ID she uses in here. (Im not sure if Im allowed to say what that is....? But you can find the name in the "authenticate this! Hermes thread, where she tries to convince the authenticators that her items are authentic because she has a receipt..... (let me know if im allowed to say it, and you will get it in big letters, lol!)

    In regards to her selling antique jewellery though, I have looked at her ebay ID and see that shes bought a lot of cheap, old-looking jewellery, and i sincerely hope shes not trying to pass that off as invaluable gems to some poor buyer.....

  4. Yeah, close call, that one. Another reminder to ALWAYS use PAYPAL!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. Cam, you CAN post her ebay/bonz/malleries, etc selling ID's. Plz do....:yes:
  6. Her bonanzle ID: MsSandy
    Her ebay ID: mscmlb
  7. LOL.. alrighty then.. no more hem-hawing around about that!!:biggrin:

  8. Yeah, I'm thinking that should be visible enough, lol!!!:P

  9. One of our esteemed authenticators googled her after my dealings with her and after she was trying to argue about the authenticicy, and came up with the following link, where she wants to know where to get fake Hermes (or "mirror replicas" as she calls them.)

    The seller did email me from that very email adress (atlantamistress). Hardly a coincidence.
  10. Yes, and it appears that she sold some of those fugly Hermes in Dec for quite a hefty profit.
  11. On that ebay id for things she sold, her FB is 100% and "private"of course. Must have another ebay ID as well?
  12. Still a seller on Bonz, and "sold" a fake Birkin within the last week (but the buyer apparently didn't finish the purchase). Bonz has probably been alerted.
  13. mowcam, glad you and your mighty penguin got the refund!:woohoo:
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