Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. UPDATE:
    So the 10 days has now passed, and I did get a refund from paypal as the eller did never respond to the claims. I did know that I *would* get the money back, but here's what puzzles me the most:

    Shortly after I got the refund, i got a looooong email from the seller, saying that she finally got Paypal to issue the refund after having spent two hours with them on the phone.

    Uhm... Ok?

    Her email goes on about how paypal "does this" and thats why she won't accept paypal for amounts over USD 1000, and that her exception for me messed up her account so the she couldn't give me a refund...

    Untill today then, i guess, when i would have received it anyways?

    She goes on to say how she is normally a good judge of character and had initially a good feeling about me, but that i ended up causing her over 2000 dollars in sales as her account was limited because of my transaction with her (remember i did break up the payment bc she said she could not accept payments over USD 1000)

    Thought she dealt with wire transfers and western union for amounts over USD 1000 anyways, why not just do those sales she lost with that type of payment?

    She says this is why she loathes paypal.

    Well, this is why i LOVE Paypal - because it DOES give one protection.

    Raise your hand if you think I would have gotten my money back had I initially paid with wire transfer....:whistle:

    To finish off, she says she will persevere and turn the other cheek. Don't even know what i'll say to that one.

  2. ummm NO.

    No need to say anything. But since she turned the other cheek, go ahead and slap it. ;)

  3. :bagslap:

    That felt good, lol!
  4. LOL ITA with Ellie on this one!

    MowCam: I cannot believe the seller had the nerve to send you that long BS story...its not like you will EVER buy from her again! What ever...I guess if it helps her sleep at night...what a whack job! Glad this is finally over! congrats on re-covering the funds!
  5. :ghi5::wlae::dothewave:

    Jippi!!! Then you can shop some more:smile:

  6. No kidding, and - THANKS!!! :biggrin:
  7. Nooo.... its all going into my retirement fund.....:whistle:
  8. You caused her trouble? She's the one who sent you a fake bag!

    I am glad to hear you got your money back! :smile:
  9. I am glad you got your money back.

    I think that without Paypal on your side, you would not have seen a nickel.
  10. To be fair, she didn't send me a fake bag. She agreed to cancell my buying a bag from her after many of her others were deemed fake by our Hermes-experts. Its just that getting my money back did'nt prove as easy as getting her to agree to cancel, lol!
  11. OP, I'm still waiting to hear if she has set up another account on Malleries. Did she?
    I'm so glad you got your money back even if it was a dreadful experience.....
  12. lol.
  13. :biggrin:

    OP, I am so glad you got your money back.
  14. After what we found out about this seller, I would like to know which cheek she was offering, the one on her face or the one on her bum.

    Very glad this resolved for you.
  15. Yes, I would like to know this as well.