Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. anything new on this???? I am hoping for a resolution.

  2. Agree not be intimidated by all the runaround she is

    giving you.. leave it in the hands of pp
  3. Update:

    The seller responded to my case on Paypal by Emailing them instead of taking care of it in the resolution centre.
    As a result, the status in teh resolution centre still says "awaiting sellers response".

    I sent her an email yesterday, saying that Paypal obviously requires her to go into paypal and do it the correct way, and not just sending them an email, but she has not responded.

    I'm thinking about calling paypal for advise.

    At this poing I think shes just stalling. Paypal will give me an automatic refund after 10 days, and I just think she will try to drag the days out until then, maybe to get some funds in. Looks like she might have a new store set up on Malleries too..... Sigh.....
  4. You can call PP to see what's going on.

    And report the Malleries store....
  5. can you please link to the malleries store??
  6. Yeah, I would call PP to get an update and its good that you will get a refund in 10 days!
  7. I thought everything on Malleries was legit? I was about to buy a Gucci bag from a store on there and now I am going to stay far away from it. I hope this seller quits beating around the bush and gives you your refund. What a scammer.
  8. Most of the sellers on Malleries ARE Legit. Been a couple of sellers tossed off recently for poor business practices. And I think Malleries acted against the sellers as soon as notified.
    Don't condone the masses at Malleries for the actions of 1 or 2. You need to research your seller AND authenticate, IMO, wherever you buy.
  9. yes, there are some GREAT sellers on Malleries.
  10. I absolutely agree Cobaltblu. Malleries is still IMO a VERY low-risk venue. I know several of the sellers and would always consider merchandise on Malleries.
  11. "My" sellers store was taken down shortly after this happened as I *did* notify them of the situation.Such a shame that one seller should ruin the trust in the wholse site for the sellers in there that ARE legit.

    And stil no money. The seller has stopped responding to me. PP will do the automatic refund on the 15, so I guess I'll just wait the 4 days out.

    Sigh. So draining...
  12. ^ Yes, having to deal with this sort of thing is very draining, isn't it? :sad:

    As you said before, I bet she's just stalling for time to try to scrape the money together (she probably spent it all as soon as she got it!).
  13. She better scrape away, then... Because I'm not going away! ;)
  14. ^ :lol:

    Sellers shouldn't spend the money until they're absolutely sure the buyer is satisfied, IMO.
  15. I hear you - but thats not really realistic though ;)