Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. Thank you - is is REALLY helpful to have the support of all you girls in here!

    She can use my real name all she wants, *I* have nothing to hide.... Apart from being gullible :smile:

    hi, my name is camilla and im a purseaholic... and apparently, easier to scam for money than I imagined i could be.....
  2. ^^Don't keep beating yourself up over it - it really can happen to anyone and there are plenty of members here who will have had similar experiences - even if you are extremely careful there is always the possibility of being scammed. At least you know what to do to get your money back and will be more prepared in the future! It can be scary out there but there are still plenty of good, honest sellers out there, sometimes it's hard to remember that when things like this happen...Hope you get all your money back :smile:
  3. ^^
    agree, most people expect the best of others and to expect that a seller might be honest isn't a big ask.
    hope you get your money back ASAP! and,i know,off topic but i really like your avatar!
  4. ^^Haha, i like the idea of a hunting penguin!! :smile:

  5. Hahahaha, isn't it great? I exchanged my "usual" LV logo for it just today in remembering a trip to thailand with my ex, who said, after i had just paid about 30 usd for two pairs of socks from an open air stall: "No wonder people are scamming you - you look about as imtimidating as a penguin!"

    well, THIS little penguine is out for JUSTICE! :yahoo:
  6. I hope your that this is one little penguine that WILL get justice!

    Dishonest sellers and scammers should be ashamed of themselves!

    Please keep us updated, OP.
  7. UPDATE:

    I did escalate to claim via Paypal, and the seller sent PP emails for each claim (since i paid in smaller amounts there were a total of 5) saying to please process my refund asap.

    One is supposed to to answer via the resolution centre and not send emails, so I'm not sure how that will work. In any case I hope they "catch" the emails and settle once and for all.

    If nothing has happened over the weekend, I will call PP on monday and ask for advise - seller forwarded me each email she sent to PP OK'ing the refunds, so I have those atleast.

    Seller said PPs resolution centre would not "allow her to add the info". Never heard of that before - the whole point of the resolution centre would be so that she COULD add her info, no?

    What a mess!
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    The seller can email you or paypal all they want, likely to no avail. PayPal doesn't need her to approve the refunds when you purchased a fake bag from the seller.

    I would not communicate with her outside of the resolution center, as eBay nor paypal will accept that as proof. Hopefully this seller can get themselves and their business straightened out and just provide you with the full refund you deserve.
  9. ^^^Oh MOWCAM!! You know, I saw the pictures of the Suhali lockit I think maybe you posted them in the "auth this" thread asking if the price was too good to be true? Anyway, I saw the pictures and something seemed "off" about them and it was almost as if they PURPOSELY used blurry pictures of the heatstamp and other important areas as to not be able to distinguish it. Was it ever authenticated on there? I am pretty sure I didnt comment on it but of course seeing who the seller was, I thought maybe I was just being crazy!
    So sorry you are going though this! I cant believe you split that many payments up! I agree with the other posters that she is just BSing you to buy time. IF she innitiated the refund, as you said, it would show in your account as well.
    Glad you atleast got the 400 but heres to hoping you recover the rest, quickly! *hugs*
  10. Just jumping in to give my support.I ABSOLUTELY feel for you.I am the first to admit I have been taken more than once.:blush: I too was a easy target as I wanted to believe all people were good.Thank gosh for this forum as it has REALLY opened my eyes.Please do NOT beat yourself up.MANY people have been scammed ,this is what these people do for a living and they are good at it.She is all over the place with excuses and you being a good person want to believe her.I am SOOO sorry she seen that and pounced on it......but then again people like this --this is what they do.YOU will get justice we are all here on your side .Thank gosh you did pay via credit card at least worst comes to worst you will get it back with their help..Keep your head up,it will be a thing of the past very soon.. ...:hugs:

  11. Thats what im thinking and hoping too, but untill i actually SEE it, i will not completely relax. You know how it goes...

    I just feel sorry for those who might have bought from her and DON't have the support of everyone in here!
  12. Haha, is seems my learning the ropes is a *slow* process - but i AM learning! I jumped on that bag after the seller did a price reduction, even if my "authenticate this! request got the "need clearer pics"-message. Seems the blurriness of the important parts wasn't so accidental after all....

    And about the split payments - i know. Dont know WHAT i was thinking - will be SO glad when it all makes its way beck to me. It will all go towards the suhali lockit i ordered straight from the mothersource instead!:yahoo:
  13. I hear that - where would we be without the help and knowledge of everyone in here? (Id probably be hiding in a closet somwhere with a fake suhali, lol)

    I am pretty confident that all will be OK, so keeping my chin up is fairly easy. THANK you to everyone for being so helpful and supportive, it is truly appreachiated!
  14. Best of luck and please let us know how this pans out.:broom:

  15. It does, but the term 'superfake' is normally used to describe really convincing fakes - ones that are generally made in the same country as the authentics. :smile:
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