Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. Seller was reported to Malleries yesterday after some super fake Hermes and and LV were discovered (likely the same Lockit). The seller was promptly removed as soon as they were made aware of the situation and will not be allowed back per their 0 tollerance policy.
  2. Ok, good! Superfakes...:nuts:
  3. Well, glad to know wthat malleries is stepping up to the plate and not

    allowing fakes to be on their site.. you seller is just stalling and giving you

    the run around.. contact your cc, do whatever you need to do to get your

    money back.. perhaps your account will reflect pending today..keep us posted

    and sorry you had to endure this... shame on this seller..
  4. I do not believe any of this seller excuses. So glad that you decided to cancel your purchased.
  5. Trust me - those were definitely NOT super fakes. Just your average run of the mill poor quality fakes, in my opinion.
  6. Is this seller also on ebay or bonz??
  7. LOL, I thought I remember someone saying the Hermes were superfakes.
    There definitely was nothing super about the LV fake I saw!:P
  8. I couldn't find any completed listings that matched up, but perhaps if we search the Hermes. Anyone know what styles and colors to look out for?

  9. That was me - i said superfake, as in very fake, not super fake....
    If that makes sense...

    I'm allowed to up from a dispute to a claim via paypal at 2130 my time in Norway, which is at 3:30 pm est, which is what I wil do if I don't have my money atleast pending by then.
  10. Well... i'll be gladER when I actually get my money back!!!

    Dont know if she is on Ebay or Bonanzle as well, how can i do a search, does anyone know?
  11. Please keep us updated. :sweatdrop:
  12. Keep us posted...
  13. Neither do I. She's been all over the forum with excuses and attacks on the credibility of the gals in the Hermes forum. In one of her posts, she said that her friend posted pics of a Hermes bag that was purchased directly from Hermes and the Hermes gals declared it fake. I almost spit out my drink laughing. There would be no reason to post it for authentication if it were purchased from Hermes. How stupid does she think people are?

    Oh, she mentions a buyer paying in six payments in another thread in the Authenticate This forum. She claims she has no idea why the buyer (presumably OP) did that.

  14. Yup. That would be me.
    She told me to split the payment up because her paypal account would not accept anything over usd 1000. Should have been a signal right there....

    But as I was paying, it was actually troublesome to get payment through, as i tried to pay in "just" two or even three parts. payapl would't accept, so i finally "pushed" through in 400 / 200/ 2 x 150 and 3 x 100.

    ...and now youre probably asking youreself how gullible a person can be....

    I deserve that.
    But I dont deserve to be out usd 1200.:cry:

    Havent head from seller since this morning. Had she been intending to solve this, she would have been all over it, keeping me updated, no? It is time fo rme to step it up to a claim instead of a dispute, even though that was just opened today?
  15. I find it very disturbing that she tries to guilt you for going public with this and then, to add insult to injury why did she use your real name over the forum? Obnoxious.

    I hope it all works out for you
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