Problems with seller/refund on - what can i do?

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
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    On Friday January 29th I paid usd 1200 for a LV Suhali lokcit on Abiding Consignments, listed on

    On Saturday Jan 30th their Hermes bags were deeemed superfake in our authenticate this Hermes - section, and I decided to cancel my order. Not worth the risk. I told the seller (She had 7 days cancellation /refund policy)
    I would like to cancel the order. She said fine, she would refund my money.

    Sunday - nothing. No refund, no message.
    Monday - I ask when i can have my refund. I hear nothing.
    Wednesday, I ask again, copying Malleries on my email. Seller replies, saying shes been in the hospital with a gallstone, but will refund me asap.
    Thursday, I ask again. I get a reply saying thank you for you patience, we will take care of it.
    Friday - today - I see that their store on malleries is gone.

    You could say I'm freaking out yes - and hers the rub:
    Like an IDIOT, i did what they said when they told me I had to split up their payments, still making sure it totalled USD 1200, as they could not accept Palpal transactions over a certain amount.

    I paid in the following manner:
    1 x 400 USD
    1 x 200 USD
    2 x 150 USD and
    3 x 100 USD

    I could beat myself over the head with an AXE for this.

    And now, what are my options?
    Talking to paypal about the 400 and trying to get the rest back via my credit card company?
    If anyone has some advise, has been in a similar situation; I'd appreachiate the advise :sad:
    I am, needless to say, VERY unhappy about this!!!!
  2. UPDATE:

    Seller has responded to my message of today, URGING them to take care of business.
    She says she will, and that the hold on the money is due to Paypal limitations, and that the refund says PENDING in her account.

    Thing is, nothing shows in MY account. Shouldn't there be a notice that someone is trying to issue me a refund in MY paypal account?

    I will update once/if I get my money...
  3. Camilla,

    If you like - you can call me. I have issued the refund, and will be HAPPY TO GET ON THE PHONE TOGETHER with Paypal today when they open for business! The money is no longer in my balance.

    Also - since you made this posting public - let me just say that I did tell you that this was why we DON'T TAKE PAYPAL FOR PAYMENTS OVER $1000. They "limited" the entire account - which means, not just your payments, but my ability to send or receive funds, which so far cost me well over the price of this sale in other sales, because other clients could NOT PAY ME.

    As I have said, it was the "perfect storm" with me having to go into the hospital, the issues with paypal, and the reason that you cancelled to begin with. I have ensured you - and I will - make sure you get every penny refunded!

    Do remember though please...I have purchased items before that have required a refund and had to wait for WEEKS. For example, I had USPS have to refund me for a package that was not delivered (priority mail) and had to wait 6 weeks for them to get my check - even though I had a receipt for CASH payment. I know with smaller companies you expect things to be quicker, but there were issues - and not all within my control - like the manner that you paid, which was NOT my recommendation and started the problems with Paypal.

    I do know how excited you are to get your bag, and I will remain positive and happy for you. In fact, I had responded to you personally that I will send out TODAY a small gift for you to go with it:smile:
  4. I'm glad you're not going through with your purchase!

    Hm, you should receive your refund instantly, at least it should be showing in your account as pending....Sorry, I'm not a pro in Paypal/CC disputes wait for the ladies to chime in.
  5. Cam, contact your CC co immediately and file a charge back on all payments made. DO also file a buyer complaint w/ PP.

    NEVER make multiple payments. PP limits accounts for a reason, but this seller's issues w/ their account is not your problem nor a valid excuse, IMO.

  6. I hear you.

    I was refunded usd 400, and she has a few hour to refund the rest, then im pulling out all the stops with pay pal, my cc company - and I'm even thinking filing a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and the Federal Trade Commission will be in order.

    I should also report this to the local police ( i have her address through paypal) if she doesn't refund the rest, that would be plain theft.
  7. If she transferred the money out of her PP account it may take 4 days for her to get it back into her account to refund you.
  8. Is this not a post from the seller, who is still a TPF member? Doesn't it say you're getting the refund and she's sending the bag? I don't understand...
  9. No, after i cancelled the order with Abiding consignments, i placed one with LV directly - so I *WILL* have my Suhali.... Just from the mothersource directly!

    And I just spoke to paypal, who says she has NOT issued the whole refund -just a 1/3 of it. WTF?
  10. Oh My OP...I am so sorry that you fell victim to this person. Have you called PayPal and asked to speak to someone? Since the seller was removed then hopefully PayPal will respond positively. It sounds like this seller might have had the PayPal limit for a reason (as said before) and that will work to your advantage in a claim.

    I agree that if things do not clear up very quickly that I would also talk to your credit card company about filing a chargeback. Hopefully this seller does the right thing. Excuses appear to be the soup of the day from this seller, but hopefully she does what is right instead of what is right for her.

  11. I spoke to paypal and they told me to open a dispute which i have done now, so we'll see.

    (I called PP earlier this week just for advise on this, and they have that on file as well, the PP-lady said, so i should be ok :smile:
  12. Good, I am glad you were able to talk to someone about it. Could they explain why the pending refund that the seller claims they did is not showing in your account?
  13. No, they couldn't.
    They said if she had tried to issue the refund and it said PENDING in her account, it would say PENDING in mine also - which it doesn't......
  14. CAM...have you also reported this seller to Malleries?
  15. Sounds like she is trying to buy time then. Def a good idea to prepare for the worst and def file with all departments.