Problems with Revolve Website!?

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  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to get onto the revolve website for past 12 hours or so but keep getting an error message... Is anybody else having trouble? know what the problem is?


  2. I am also! This is veery strange. Hope it goes back up.
  3. so its not just me! i want to buy a few of the sale items, so hope its nothing serious!
  4. Same here and I've also had problems accessing this forum to add a pic to a post. What gives?
  5. Glad to know it's not just my server. I've had problems all day w both Revolve and TPF. I'll send an e-mail to Revolve to see what's up.
  6. yes, was starting to think something really weird was going on, when purseblog started acting up too!

    thanks for emailing rue, look forward to hearing back from you
  7. me too...I couldn't access the forum earlier.
    I spoke with revolve because I'm waiting for my return to go through..
    the girl said there having tech issues right now and probably won't be up till sometime tomorrow.
  8. bummer that it wont be working till tomorrow, but its good to know.
    thanks for passing on the info,
  9. I was also looking to get something from them!! I hope they get up asap!
  10. Its still not working!
  11. i know!! so mad - was hoping to get on to get something today. :sad:
  12. This is the latest message from them -

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, and our server will be down for several hours. If you have any questions, you may call customer service at 888-442-5830. We will take down your information, then call you back when our server is ready.

    Thank you

  13. It's up at 1 pm EST! I had the same problems yesterday, but site seems ok now.
  14. I just bought from them, everything went thru!
  15. I just called them and everything is Ok now, she said no orders were processed over the weekend because of site issues.

    also, On friday night, I placed an order for some jeans and a few hours before that I had changed the billing address on my CC. So the order didnt go through, a window went up and said that it wasnt processed because my billing address didnt match up. I checked my bank and the charge was there :sad:...Its been there,pending, since Fri night, my bank says it will drop off tonight, unless they dont put a sales charge through.....anyone else have this issue?