Problems with private listings?

  1. I just had my worst eBay experience. I am relatively new to eBay as a seller and I just sold a duvet set to an ebayer couple days ago.

    She won the auction and hasn't paid me yet. Today I got the following message.

    I feel insulted. I have never bid on my own items before. I can't believe how rude she is when she is NOT paying for the auction. Here is what I told buckhuston

    1. I will send the second highest bidder for a second chance offer
    2. If she doesn't accept it, then buckhuston is still entitled to pay for the item
    3. If buckhuston doesn't pay, then I will file for unpaid item to eBay and give her a negative feedback
    4. I don't bid on my own items. If buckhuston gives me her email address, I will capture the list of bidders and send her the picture.
    After I sell all my current items, I am going to change my auctions to public. I didn't think private listing would be a problem...
  2. I would report her to ebay.
  3. Me too, munchkey - the nerve! Shill bidding is against ebays policies and they'd suspend you if you got caught doing it.
  4. Until you mentioned it, madamestuff, I didn't even know what shill bidding was. I had to search on google for definition.

    I am not sure how reporting works but I am considering it for sure.
  5. If she doesn't pay you need to report the item as unpaid. You will still be able to offer to the second highest bidder-and not need to wait the 7 days if she informs you she will not be paying. If she remains aloof about it I would email the second highest bidder and let her know that in 7 days she will be getting a 2nd chance offer from you and she can let you know then if she is still interested or you can relist-BLOCK HER from ever bidding on another one of your auctions and report her regardless!!! Good Luck!
    BTW you are not obligated to EVER share the bidder list in any auctions. Matter of fact I don't know that I would even do that. She is more than likely going to be a PITA anyway...
  6. If she doesn't pay just report her to ebay for not paying. I think she doesn't want the duvet set anymore so she made up something trying to pass the blame to you.
  7. how awful. i try to avoid this by only taking paypal as payment, and checking the box that says "require immediate payment" which you can do as long as it's under 4,000. you should report it as a NPB, that is just wrong for her to back out.
  8. Sounds like she changed her mind. However, you should not be out final value fees- report her. Then you can offer it to the next highest bidder if you like or relist the item. Block her too!
  9. Definately report her for non payment and leave the appropriate feedback!

    But I am a reseller and buy alot of items off ebay and refuse to enter into a private auction. I have had it on more than one occasion where shill bidding has been used in private auctions. Private listings are known for shill bidding unfortunately. And these days when an item reaches over £100 the identities asre automatically made private. Anything under £100 does it really matter if it is public??
  10. report her
  11. I used to mark some of my auctions as private. I thought I was doing so as a courtesy to bidders for ID Protection, because I had several emails from bidders who said they were offered second chance offers from people other than me. But, I noticed my bids were wayyyy lower than public auctions. So, I changed back to public. So much fraud on ebay- its hard to know which way to go.
  12. I didn't know about shill bidding until madamestuff mentioned it and thought private listing was better for the buyers. Obviously I was wrong. I changed all my current auctions to public. It's good to know about these things.
    The winner contacted me again today and said she doesn't want a negative feedback and wanted to pay for the item. So we shall see.
    Thank you all for your comments. I learned a lot from this experience. Hopefully nothing like this happens again.

  13. I had private listings where there was only one bid and I didn't make much money. But the listing being private must be why there was only one bid. I didn't think much of it before.
    fashion4forward, I also changed all my auctions to public yesterday. I feel so much better now knowing that no one can be suspicious about me bidding on my own items...
  14. I will almost never bid on a private auction. Too many scammers use them to sell fakes and with the bidders identity hidden there is no way to contact someone and tell them about it. Definitely write her back and tell her you are insulted at her accusation and if she doesn't pay for the item as she agreed you will report her.