Problems With Posting - New People in This Forum

  1. Hi! I am new on this forum. I only came in on to this forum yesterday. I had a problem and did not know where to post it. Someone just closed down where I posted about authenticity, which is fine. They wrote:

    Louis Vuitton authenticity questions are only allowed in the Authenticate This! Louis Vuitton thread in the LV Shopping Forum.

    When you are new in this forum, it would help if someone would post instead of closing it down. I could not find the Authenticate This forum. It would be nice to get some help. I still can't find where to post it due to all of the posts on here.
  2. Go to the top of the LV sub forum and click on LV shopping and its a sticky at the top of the screen. The mods have to close threads posted in improper places to keep the froum organized. Please keep posting. Welcome to tPF :heart:
  3. first of all welcome to tpf!

    it can seem a little confusing it's a very active forum spend some time clicking into different sections.

    if you go into the lv forum you will see 3 little forum at the top before the main list one of these is the shopping forum which has the authenticate this thread

    good luck
  4. its confusing at first, but youll get the hang of it soon!
    the authenticate this section is a thread, not a forum, and its in the shopping forum!
  5. Moderators do a fab job keeping order in this forum. Sorry if it confused you even more... I had to check every subforum before just so I'd know my way around hehehehe

    Welcome to TPF!!!!
  6. Hi, first of all welcome to the forum!

    Secondly, sorry if that did seem rude by the mods to just close your thread. Unfortunately though, it's important to keep things organized due to the size and number of posts here or we will never be able to find anything!
    The Authenticate This thread is a sticky in the LV shopping subforum. Basically, in the Louis Vuitton forum there are three subforums up top (1) LV Shopping: You can get assistance here for anything regarding purchasing a bag, especially authenticity. (2) Reference Library: This is a library where you can learn about all the little details of individual models, and especially see the Visual Aids where people posted pics of their bags. (3) The Clubhouse.
    It works best for everyone to post authenticity related questions in the subforum, since the authenticity experts frequent that area and you would be able to get your question answered ASAP.
  7. I just want to add...if you Pm someone because you are confused, everyone is very helpful!! Enjoy the forum!!!
  8. welcome and enjoy...let us know if you have any are going to love it here!
  9. Welcome to TPF!
  10. yep, that was me I'm sure. I agree, you could just click on my name and Private Messgae me, I'd have been happy to help you find your way.

    Please understand that people post your same questions 100+ times/day here, the Mods are lucky to have time to leave a note at all. The Owner's have given us permission to just close the thread w/o a reason.
    We strive very hard to keep everything here easy to find, uncluttered and very consistent, sorry if you were offended :flowers:
  11. Welcome!
  12. welcome!

    I think you need to take a self-guided tour of the place and find your way around. You'll find so many exciting places to visit and also become familiar with this place.

    I'm glad when threads are closed/moved if they should belong somewhere else. It keeps this place nicely organised.


  13. I totally understand that. It would be nice if everyone also took two minutes to do a search before posting also to make sure they aren't asking a question answered already. For example, and I mean no disrespect, "Opinions on Speedy 25 or 30". There are a lot of threads that get repeated.
  14. Welcome to the forum..this is a fun place and you'll love it here. :heart: