Problems with Paypal transfers-check your account

  1. I transferred over $1100.00 last week to my checking from my Paypal account and it still hasn't gone through. I contacted Paypal and they said there is a problem and transactions are not going through. GREAT, now I have $1100.00 sitting a LA LA land! Please check any transfers you might have made in the last week to see if they went through. They also told me that they don't know when this will be fixed. I wrote checks against that:cursing:
  2. Ugh. I have a couple of small transfers that should be in my accout this morning, havent checked yet. Thanks for the info!
  3. between eBay and paypal, the problems are getting out of hand.

    i'm bidding on a vase right now, i suspect it will be my last eBay experience. lucky for me, the seller will take a payment other than paypal!
  4. I transfered $$ last week no problem... it was a lesser amount though - only took like 2 days.
  5. I also transfered a smaller amount 2 days later and that went through.
  6. My deposits were in my account this morning. Are you sure they arent holding your money? They do that if they want to see receipts for the item or to verify info. You may want to call them.
  7. Yes I called them
  8. I spoke to a supervisor and he said that the problems are from August 29th transfers. Other dates have not been affected (yet).
  9. I made transfers on that day for larger amounts and recived them fine!
  10. He said that it happened to a lot of people but not everyone. He also said that it could take a week to fix and they will probably reverse my transfer so I will need to transfer again, I have no choice but to wait. Really ticks me off.
  11. so far, my transfers have all gone through....i cant believe all these problems all at once. there must have been some major hack job or something...
  12. HOpe you get it all sorted out. Crap now you have me worried as I just transferred over $1350+ total in the last several days. I did that on separate transactions, the most being $400+ each time, but still!
  13. hope it gets sorted soon. I had $1000 transferred into my checking account on august 28 and it went through fine. thanks for the heads up though.
  14. It really sucks that they can get away with this. It is my money but they continue to hold on to it and I have no recourse what so ever. I shipped the bag last week, she has her bag but I have zero money.
  15. it'll sort out. everything is on record. I hate waiting on businesses to get it together though....