Problems with Paypal payment?

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  1. I just went through the NPB thread and added all those ebayers to my blocked list.

    I came across a problem a fellow tpfer had, and just came across it again on an eBay listing, so it made me curious.

    Seller sold the item, buyer paid with paypal, payment cleared, seller shipped, to find out there was a hold on the payment? Money then goes back to buyer and the item is already on its way!

    Has anyone else have this happen? And how can you prevent this from happening?
  2. Maybe stolen credit card?
  3. Once the payment is cleared, is there a way the buyer can retract it?

    It seems like some kind of scam, buyer waits for seller to ship and they somehow hold the funds and eventually gets the money back.
  4. Have to say I've not heard of this happening before unless it's something to do with the new changes where Paypal will hold a payment they believe to be "high risk"
  5. A TPF member mentioned it in the NPB thread. She saw that the payment cleared, was ABOUT to ship, checked again and it said the funds were on hold, then went back to buyer. I think she saw that it had happen to other sellers selling to the same buyer, but they had already shipped their item.

    Now that I've said that, sounds like it might have been a stolen credit card. Since that buyer tried to buy a few things?

    Also, the listing I mentioned, the seller stated that she will ship a FEW DAYS AFTER the paypal payment has cleared due to being burned before. I thought it might be the same issue.
  6. This whole thing with Paypal holding payments makes me very nervous and I'm getting to the point where I want to wait until the money is actually in my bank. The trouble with that is that in the UK it can take a full 7 days for the money to be credited.