Problems with MyPoupette/Written Authentication Sites?

  1. Has anyone else experienced problems with mypoupette? I just paid $50 for an expedited written authentication in 5 days which they have not delivered. Furthermore, they have ignored all of my e-mails pertaining to this matter. This is the second time they have neglected to deliver my services under the terms expressed on their website. The first was an authentication that I had to file a Paypal dispute in order to receive service.

    Does anyone know of any other reputable written authentication providers? I need this by Friday the 2nd.
  2. I too paid $10 for an authentication and never heard back from them, even after numerous attempts to reach them via email. It's ashame, up until then...I had used them and was happy.
  3. Yes, contact caroldiva: Page 1

    She is fast and excellent to work with!
  4. Try Page 1
  5. I agree, I love carol diva's service. Mypoupette is rather slow. Two incident now no response from them for over a week. I had to call her up and ask her was going on. So I go to Carol Diva now for authentication.
  6. ^^ Yep get Caol to do your authentication instead, she was with Poupette and when she was there, I always get a reply within 24 hours. Good luck!
  7. carol is the BEST.
  8. just my opinion, I would never pay to have my stuff authenticated from a bunch of "Experts" that are no way affiliated with Louis Vuitton. no offense.
  9. ^^^^But what would you do if you lived in a region with no boutiques? What a great service to provide for those who have no other option.
  10. If you file a dispute with PayPal over a fake bag you purchased, they require written authentication - which you will NEVER get from Louis Vuitton.
  11. Definitely try Caroldiva...hope everything works out
  12. When I first started buying Louis Vuitton I used my poupette to authenticate my eBay finds and this was when Carol worked for them. I would 100% recommend Carol, IMO Mypoupette has gone down hill since Carol left so used carol...she is best !. LOL :smile:
  13. :yes:

  14. im the same. but then again, as the post following this one said, what would you do if you were no where near LV? well, i'd try to get to one.
  15. I've heard several times recently that My Poupette can be slow.