problems with my striping hudson

  1. I bought this bag in september, have only worn it a handful of times and one of little gromet thingys keeps coming loose. If it wasn't attached to the "stripe" of leather, I would have lost it. Does any one have any advise?
  2. i would def. take it to the boutique & see if they can repair.
  3. ^ I would do the same, if there is a boutique near you. If not, some dept stores have great return/exchange policies. You should check with the store you purchased it from....

    Worst case scenario, you could bring it to a recommended/trusted cobbler and ask to have it repaired. Grommets are common details that most cobblers should know how to fix.
  4. i bought a marc jacobs bowler from Saks and the leather started peeling along the edges. i brought it back to Saks and they immediately refunded me (i think it was about two months after i bought it). i would definitely bring it back to where you originally purchased it.
  5. I just got mine, little concerned...anyone else have problems with the grommets or peeling of the leather:cursing: ? Or any other concerns?

    OR IF YOU LOVE IT!!!! And worth it!!!!

  6. nope, mine is fabulous & i'm completely in love :smile:
  7. Some pics of my poor broken bag...:sweatdrop: imgp2667 (2).jpg

    imgp2668 (2).jpg

    imgp2669 (2).jpg
  8. take it back to holt's
    they are usually good about such things
  9. Did you get yours fix? Cause I have the same problems!! Two of them came off and I didn't even have this bag for more than a month! I'm a little furious about this. It's just so tedious to go back to the store and get it fixed and I don't know how long it's gonna take. I just don't want to be separated with it, yet :crybaby:. I'm trying to find some time to go probably after Thanksgiving. UGH!!:cursing:
  10. Oh no!! Are you serious?! How often do you use your Hudson? i've just been carrying for 2 days straight, and now i'm getting paranoid. This can't be happening... :confused1: Did you get it from MJ store in LA too? This totally blows...:crybaby:
  11. Chloe.clementine, I haven't dealt with this problem yet, I live in a different province than the store I bought it from. I will be going there on the 30th of this month and I'm hoping they can either replace, fix, or refund me...I love this bag but even one of the pulls for one of the zippers comes right off:cursing: , I can slip it back in but have to be really careful when I unzip cause that's when it comes out. I'm extremely dissapointed after paying 1600.00 (canadian dollars) you eapect it to last a lifetime...I will keep you posted.

  12. I wore it pretty frequent, considering it's my new hot item :P but still, it's not even a month yet! This is the most expensive purchase EVER for a handbag. At least I want to see some quality. I got it from MJ store in SF.

    I don't think I can exchange it or can I?
  13. That is totally unacceptable! You'd think we're paying more than $1k for a bag, they would have better quality control.:sad: If the MJ store still has the Trish available, i don't see why they would refuse to exchange it. It is a indeed a defect!

    Let us know how it works out. i'll have to be more cautious when i carry my Hudson now. :s
  14. I believe when I purchased mine, my SA told me it was the last one!! Oh no! I hope they can fix the problem at least.
  15. Chloec.clementine, Do you think they could order in another to replace yours? Let us know how they deal with it, as I will as well...Good Luck, I hope it works out and you are happy at the end of it all!!;)