Problems with my Paddy :(

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  1. Hi girls,
    I have a problem with my paddington :sad: actually TWO problems ....
    One of them .. is that one of the handles is getting frayed!! I have no idea why this is happening to only ONE of the handles and not both .. a picture is attached .... could it be the way I carry it? but if it was then both handles would suffer right? .. the other handle is as amazing as the first day I bought it ...
    The second problem is the one that is giving me nightmares!! A few weeks ago I noticed that one of the handles is .. well .. broken? .. you know how the handles are "stuffed" to give them that oval look? well .. one of the handles got "broken" .. I have no idea how or when this started!! I can feel that the stuffing inside it isn't there you know what I mean? ... a picture is also attached .... Could it be easily broken like that??? I did nothing wierd to it!! .. and the other handle is fine!
    I discontinued using the bag because of this handle problem :sad: it is very annoying! It is the same handle that is getting frayed! Could it be a factory problem with the handle? Why would I have TWO problems with the SAME handle?
    Do you think that the Chloe boutique I bought it from could replace the handle?
    Has anyone else had problems like this?

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  2. I'm sorry to hear this. I think it a manufacturing default. I would take it back so they can refund you or give you a new bag. I really love my paddy but there seem to be a quality issue. Keep me updated please I suffer with you.
  3. I bought it a few months ago so I don't know if they would exchange it .. I am hoping they would fix it or replace the handle though >>
  4. That's awful....:weird:
    Most companies (especially the high end market) offer a 1 year manufacturers guarantee - so you should be able to get it fixed no problem.
    The bend in the handle is quite obviously a manufacturing fault and not something you have done yourself, so if it were me, i'd take it back, receipts and all and see what can be done.
    As it's under a year old... theoretically, they should replace it for you - check to see if there is a written guarantee on your care card/tags/receipts x
  5. thanks chicky .. I will do that tuesday morning!! :smile:
  6. Someone else had this problem but it wasnt as severe as you. I think they wrote about it over on the fashion spot
  7. I'm pretty sure Chloe would fix this for you - maybe even replace it. Good luck and I hope you dont have to be without your paddy for long.
  8. My choc paddy zippy has the same problem as your 2nd problem that the handle like broken inside. I returned it sadly. I just didn't get why such an expensive bag has so many issues.:sick:
  9. oh, that's terrible. it shouldn't be happening to a bag that cost this much. i'm sure chloe will take care of the problem.
    yeah, someone on tfs had the same thing happening to the handle.
  10. Chloe will probably have to send the bag to be repaired. It sounds like whatever they put inside the handle to shape it is missing or has come undone. You may be without the bag for a month or so, but they should fix it for you.
  11. Oh dear, that looks like a defect in manufacturing and definitely something Chloe should fix or exchange. Let us know what they say when u call them on Tuesday. Fingers crossed they will take care of it without hassle or attitude.
  12. Terrible! Send it back and ask for replacement! That shouldn't happen!
  13. I took my paddy to Chloe london today ....
    they said it is a faulty handle that should be changed ...
    they are sending it to Paris to be fixed ...
    I will be without my bag for 2 weeks ... probably more .....
    but at least i will get a great one later right? ...
    ok now i HAVE to buy a speedy ... hahahaha
  14. Oh honey I'm really glad that they can fix it for you anyway...rather 2 weeks without that saddled with that,right? Good luck,I hope that you are reunited soon :smile:
  15. my bag rolled at the handles too.. but it did not bend at the stem of the handle. i just figured since i use it all the time the leather just tends to roll up like that.