problems with my new miu miu leather tote


Sep 9, 2006
hi everyone! just visiting from the mj forums.

i bought my second miu miu bag today. it's the smokey grey leather tote:

however, after further inspection, i found that there is a noticeable color difference between the leather in the front of the bag and the leather in the back! one is a light grey while the front portion is darker. also, i found a pretty deep scrach towards the bottom front. finally, the edge paint looks sloppy. i feel like the craftsmanship of my bag (i'm not sure if it's an isolated incident or if it's the case with all the leather totes) is shoddy in general. i feel as if i'm nitpicking, but for the price i paid, i expect my bags to be as pristine as possible. perhaps that line of thinking is too unrealistic?

has anyone been experiencing any problems with the quality level of their miu miu bags? i didn't expect this because i have the suede coffer, which i love and had no problems with. i would ask for an exchange, but the madison avenue store told me that this was their last grey one. the soho store also has one left, but i didn't buy it because it had a scratch in the back. both of the bags available in the new york boutiques were display bags. now, i don't know what to do. do you ladies have any suggestions? i'm just so disappointed that i paid so much money for a bag that i'm less than thrilled with. :sad:
Jul 15, 2007
If its not in perfect condition, I would return it. I agree, we pay enough for these premiere designer bags that they should be in perfect condition.