Problems with my New GST

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  1. Hi!
    I just bought a brand new black caviar GST and I am unsure if the bag is supposed to be the way it's suppose to be.

    On the front and the back of the GST there were creases everywhere. Also I have found a couple of loose stitching on it. Is this normal? Any GST owners experience this? I returned the bag today and they are going to call me when they have another one in stock. Oh forgot to mention, this is the new GST style with chanel embossed in the rings.

  2. Uh oh that does not sound good for a new bag that is yours but also a new design! Do u have photos?

  3. Sorry I was in a rush to take it to the Chanel boutique to return the bag that I never thought of posting pictures. As I was inspecting the bag, I saw the two loose stitching on it and a little brown dirt that stuck on the bag and was fine by it. I mean not every bag is perfect right? But as I looked closer there was a crease on the bag, from one end to the other, turned it around towards the back and saw creases too! That was a no no in my book and sadly had to return it. :shucks: When I got the boutique, it was so so crowded because it was the last day before the price increase and knew right away that they didnt have any GST left, which made me hesitate to return it because i so love this bag. The SA told me that another shipment was coming in in a couple of days, so I sadly handed the bag over. :sad:

    Ladies please thoroughly check your bags because this isn't my first, my m/l flap had loose stitching on it too . Their quality has definitely gone down and this really saddens me.
  4. ^Aww its ok bebyblue! If you were not happy with it then its better that you return it! They should be getting more stock soon and you can pick one that you love.
  5. Glad you returned it! Always return if you're unhappy about something as otherwise it'll only continue to bother you.
  6. Sorry you found problems with your GST - I havent looked too closely at mine (bought last July) but I love it!! Hope you get your new GST soon and its perfect!!
  7. You did the right thing. Im getting worried, Im seeing more and more threads on GST problems...
  8. Good work! That's why ladies you always always have to inspect bags or any other items you buy before bringing them home! When I got my double flap... I had the choice between 2... I made sure everything was symmetrical and that there were no scratches or ripped threads. I actually turned down a bag at a flagship store because the inner threads were all pulled and ripped! When I asked the SA, she LIED and said all Chanel bags are made by hand and they are all different! That's when i went to the main store and the 2 bags I was shown were in perfect condition.

    When it comes to luxury brands.. I expect nothing less than perfect. I can't believe all the posts about how Chanel's quality has gone down... While I haven't had any problems with my bags (knock on wood) I have sent my costume jewelry in many times for repairs because of loose stones...

    I was considering a GST with S/H but I'm thinking with the crazy price increases and the lower quality now... I'm going to just save a little more for an Kelly or Birkin.
  9. * Update*
    So I received a call today and my SA told me that with the new GST, they will all have creases in them and that is going to be the new look. Ladies who has the new GST, do you have creases in them too? I told him to just go ahead and order a new one so I can see if there will be any creases in that I one too. The loose stitching I can deal with but the creases are way too noticable.

    * thank you ladies for your words of encouragement !
  10. Hi bebyblue62, I'm not sure what you mean by creases but I have the new GST and I haven't found any problem with it even though I've checked it thoroughly (I'm OCD that way). Sorry to hear about your GST, I hope you get a replacement that you're happy with.

  11. So you are having them send you a new bag, OP?
  12. Op, sorry to hear about your GST problem. Paying 2K you shouldn't have to deal with the loose stitch nor creases. My black one is the rigid caviar GST. I have mo problem with that. My navy blue one which I haven't used the soft caviar. I don't see any creases yet as I haven't used it and no loose stitches. I hope you get a perfect one.
  13. bebyblue... my mom's is a black caviar and it is very rigid! There are no creases... I didn't know they have soft caviar... Are you sure yours isn't a soft one? It's great that you stood tall and asked for a new one. I hope it will be perfect!
  14. Yup they're going to send a new bag to the boutique, I rather have them send it there so that I can inspect it before taking it home. :smile:
  15. When I looked at the bag it had a long crease from one end to the other end. Also some patches had creases in them. I guess my SA lied to me saying that this is normal on the new style. :wtf:
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