Problems with Monogram Vernis?

  1. Hi all! Glad to be part of the forum!

    Okay! Has anyone had any problems with their Monogram Vernis items peeling? I'm considering buying a Pomme D'Amour wallet and I'm worried that it may peel and look terrible after a while. I don't want to pay hundreds and have that happen. Let me know...
  2. Welcome! No peeling problems that I know of,my oldest Vernis piece is 7 years old and it still looks great. Hope you get it as Pomme is HOT!
  3. I have a black matt Vernis (don't remember the model name) and it's peeling. I have attached pictures for you here.
    137_3758.JPG 137_3760.JPG
  4. I knew it! I was told that the Vernis is prone to that but I had yet to actually see that sort of damage. Well Nat_CAN, you helped me make my decision...Zippy Organizer in Damier Canvas it is.....

  5. my next wallet will be Damier too :yes:
  6. I have quite a few pieces, some from the first couple of years of their run and they look great still!
  7. just got my violette wallet today! I hope nothing ever happens to it!

  8. Nat_can, how long have you had this wallet? I just bought a pomme zippy and I hope this doesn't happen to it:sweatdrop:
  9. I got it in March 2004 and it started peeling around 2005 or 2006, don't remember exactly. But you see mine is matt model (already discontinued), for Vernis, the coat is thicker so it should last longer.
  10. I have a mat ludlow that I purchased in 2003, and it's not peeling. But I also don't use it that often, and I keep it in the LV pouch when it's not in use. I think the vernis is even more durable than mat, and should look great for a long time.
  11. My Vernis pieces have wrinkled a bit, but no peeling. However, Epi loves to peel...
  12. Gosh, that doesn't sound good.
    I don't have a Vernis wallet but I have a Lexington.
    No problems with it but I have only had it for 2 yrs.
  13. does this peeling thing apply to the vernis bags as well ??
  14. I haven't heard it happening to the bags - only the smaller items. Maybe because they get handled much more than the bags. I have also heard that the edges of the small leather goods know, whatever it is they use to seal the edges can peel off. Eitherway, I'm in love the with the Ludlow wallet in Amarante and I think I will just suck it up and buy it...peeling or no peeling!
  15. The problem with vernis was supposed to be fixed about 2 or 3 years ago. So the more recent vernis item aren't suppose to peel, change color, or have the colors migrate to other items.