problems with legacy turnlock?

  1. Hi!

    I'm pretty new here, but I've been lurking for a little while. As ya'll know, PF can be very addicting! Anyhow, just yesterday I picked up my latest purchase, the Coach Legacy Leather Satchel in whiskey, item # 11130. This is actually my third legacy bag in whiskey in less then a year. A year ago my husband bought me the legacy coach leather shoulder bag with the two front pockets. Within a couple of months one of the latches came off. I sent it in for repairs which took 6 weeks. Within three weeks of the return, it happened again! So I sent it back and was told they could repair it or replace it (but they no longer had that bag available) I chose to have it repaired again. This time it was returned in about a month. Then, with three months, the latch came off again. I went into the store and the manager said she would give me full credit for towards another bag. I checked out the catalog and they were about to release the same legacy leather shoulder bag with a single pocket (and no zipper on the back pocket) I preferred the double pockets and zipper, but still loved the style and whiskey leather, so went ahead and got it (and paid the extra $50 or so for the price difference). The SA said that they did have reports of turnlock issues with the first release of the legacy bags. Since I received the second shoulder bag in May, I have had no problems with the turnlock. Soon I realized that the bag was just too small for me. Just two days ago I checked out the coach site and discovered the legacy satchel and I'M IN LOVE!! All the things I loved about the previous bags and the perfect size for me. I'm so excited. I guess there is really no purpose in this post except to check if anyone else has had issues with their turnlocks, and to share my excitement about the new bag! Does anyone else have this bag? I love to see modeling pics. I'm also expecting a pair of Ritah Python sandals in black #A8440 that I ordered from e-bay, as well as the Millie Boots in chestnut # Q261. I already own the raven turnlock sandals in tobacco and LOVE THEM...I get compliments on them all the time! Anyhow, once I have my new sandals and boots, I'll post pictures of my collection!
    tah-tah :yahoo:
  2. I've seen a ton of these bags on eBay listed with broken turn locks. I took my chances and bought one anyways and am SO glad I did. For me, it's the perfect size. Although the new satchel is also GORGEOUS. I would've picked one up during PCE but I prefer shoulder bags. Congrats on your purchase!!
  3. I'm wondering the same thing. I just got the Chelsea satchel and it has a turnlock to close the bag. When the SA brought another one out from the back to show me I noticed that one had a broken lock. I purchased the one that was intact but I've heard of people having problems with it and have already begun to slightly worry if the same thing will happen to mine.
  4. I recently bought a white 06 Legacy shoulder bag with the two pockets. I only put a small tylenol bottle in one of the pockets and nothing in the other. I think the problem is more with the 06 line and not with the 07. As long as you don't put your keys or sunglasses or something you use EVERYDAY in them, you should be fine. I didn't let it stop me from buying the bag. I love it too much!
  5. I also need to have one of the turnlocks repaired on my handbag-When I went to the Coach website to look at the repair information, it stated that they would send you a turnlock with instructions to repair it yourself. Has anyone done this instead of sending it to Coach? Was it easy to repair?
  6. I had to have my turnlock repaired on my legacy bag. It has been fine since, But I have switched bags since then, so It hasn't been used nearly as much. I would hope it wouldn't happen again.
  7. The manager at my boutique said there WAS a problem w/ the first batch of 06 legacy then took them off the shelves, put new turnlocks on them and they have been fine (she hasnt had any returns/repairs since then on them). My neighbor owns several 06 legacy turnlock bags, I am not sure which batch she got them in, but she has NEVER had ANY problems!
  8. The website mention of replacing turnlocks by sending you one does not include Legacy or Sonoma. I know because I called that 800 number (Coach central) last week when a turnlock broke on my new (well, new to me - it was returned to an outlet store) Legacy Gigi tote. So I took Gigi to my local boutique to get them to send it in for repair, and since I had just bought it less than a week before, they waived the $20 shipping fee (yay!). Now I just have to wait for it to return to me....