Problems with Legacy Framed Wristlet

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  1. OK - so I purchased TOO Fast, and didn't play around with the wristlet enough. So later after I brought it home I discovered that the snaps wouldn't line up without really struggling with it. Just folding it naturally the snaps were about 1/2inch apart! I really liked it, but after hemming and hawing I took it back. It is a horrible manufacturing defect - I won't struggle to close my wristlet all the time.

    I wouldn't order another one because I was afraid all of the wristlets would have this problem.

    Has anyone else purchased this wristlet? Do they all have this problem?
  2. Yeah mine does but I don't care lol, its not too much of a big deal for me. I have the striped.
  3. is that the same one that was recalled or something?
  4. I never heard - and it's still on the website