Problems with Lady Dior East/West

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I finally got my dream bag the Lady Dior East/West bag about 5 weeks ago. It's absolutely adorable :nuts:

    The problem is I looked at it yesterday and the part where the silver rings are... which attaches the handles... the base of the handles....where it loops...the leather is splitting/cracking/tearing.

    I called Dior and they will repair the handles free of charge.

    My question is has anyone else had a problem with this particular purse??? I mean it's all good having it repaired, but will I run into this problem again? I have only had it for 5 weeks and treat it like my baby... and have only used it a few times. I am soooooooooo bummed!!!!!!!! :sad:


  2. Well that purse does have that problem. I own the one in lambskin so it is even more fragile than the normal calf skin one. I know exactly where you are talking. I retired that purse because of it. I dont want to see it break and it's been resting in my purse case since then.

    Maybe you can put less things in it and dont load it so much that might slow down the process.
  3. ^ wow, i didn't know there were issues with the lady dior. it's probably the pressure of the metal rings on the leather straps that's causing all the damage. :sad:

    and like jeslyn says, the lesser the contents in the bag, the better. i guess the lady dior line really is meant as an evening bag sort of thing where all one needs is some lippie, cards and cash.
  4. ^ It's true, with my lady dior I only put my wallet and cell in it. It's not an everyday bag. Also, when I bought it the SA told me not to "over-stuff" it, cause the frame of the bag and handles are sensitive. I'm glad you're able to get it fixed, but from now on try to keep the contents light.